15 Self – Growth Initiatives and Tips for Beginners.

REBLOG: Please meet, Gauri Bellad of “Bit of Everything” – She responded to my “Working on Me” post, and now I’m following her! She conveys positivity, motivation, and mindfulness. Please check out her blog!!!

Bit of everything

Imagine the whole world equipped with alert conscience to work on their self-growth issues, based on their individual strengths and weakness, traits, upbringing and lifestyles, striving together for constant self improvement, simultaneously with their daily rut of routines, there would be so much of less stressful people around the world, less suicides and less bitterness among everyone of us.

But the key lies in asking yourself, are you really willing to sow the seed of self-growth within you and be that luminous and Radiant flower one day, who have no regrets in your life whatsoever, and ready to die with pride, as you have achieved the goal of self inner growth to your best of potential, even if you remain infamous person, but human being of great substance.

If you think you are ready to dive into the pool of self growth, here are 15 self – growth initiatives and…

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