Word of The Day Challenge/Music Monday’s Challenge: “Captivating” (Extended Haiku)

Kristian of “Tales From The mind of Kristian” has introduced the new challenge of his…  Please read below.


Is written below. Please make sure you play the music provided to go along with the written piece.  Thank you, Beckie

Music Mondays Challenge

OK, this is something new.

The Word of the Day Blog was started to provide a daily word prompt, in the tradition of the Daily Post which sadly ceased to be about 8 months ago. There are other word prompt blogs out there too and also quite a few picture challenges.

So I thought, what about music inspired challenge. Music can inspire and stimulate our creative minds just as much if not more than a picture or a word can. It also has the added advantage of being something that visually impaired bloggers can join in with.

So my plan is every Monday (this one’s a bit late) to post a piece of music and asking people to write a story or a poem based on the music and how it made them feel.

This is the first one.  Claude Debussy, Prélude à l’Après-midi d’un faune




~ Captivating ~



Enchanting forest

captivated by magic,

their mystical spell.


Miraculous dreams

transform to reality,

secrets never tell.


Fireflies fluttering

wishes and prayers dance on wings,

with each fairytale




BC 2019

Photo Credit: Pinterest







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