*Warning: Slight Rant Taking Place*

Sleep deprivation and autoimmune disease. Sleep is so important for inflammatory bowel disease. Read why on mangiapaleo.com

Hello, All!ย  Happy Thursday (I think it’s Thursday) Eve to all of you!ย  LOL!

Do you folks remember the commercial back in the day… “This is your brain on drugs” (???) My brain and system have enough drugs in it to knock a horse off its feet, but won’t knock me out!

Since Sunday night, I have had a total of nine and a half hours of sleep at night.ย  My brain is like oatmeal!

I have been making mistakes left and right, forgetting the simplest of things, and look worse than this little guy in the picture above.ย  Now… That’s F’n scary!

Well since I can't sleep I may as well browse the Internet for quotes about not being able to sleep. | Encouragement Ecardย ย Technically, this is me!ย  However, because my sleeping is, or lack thereof is affecting me… I am so far behind in reading other blogs, and/or writing on mine.

I mentioned mistakes… Two weeks ago, I moved my psychiatrist appointment up one day.ย  The original appointment was yesterday at 12:30pm.ย  I bumped it up to today, but never changed the time on my calendar, thus waking up early to get ready for the said appointment.ย  The damn appointment time is 2:30pm today.ย  ‘I COULD STILL BE SLEEPING!’ if I hadn’t made this mistake.

I honestly and sincerely feel bad for my psychiatrist today.ย  She has no clue what I am like at this moment, but my God, she is going to get an ear full.

And, ‘Oh, Joy!’ I have to go to the supermarket and drug store right after the appointment.ย  Now, I feel guilty for the patrons that get in my way while shopping.ย  I just want to get in and out as quick as humanly possible, but I bet you anything… There will probably be only three cashiers open.ย  My luck, I’ll have 30 items in my cart, and won’t be able to surf through the 12 to 20 item lanes.

Hey, I warned you all that this was a rant.ย  I bet you regret reading this now, huh? I apologize profusely!

I am so praying that my psychiatrist helps me today… Something seriously has to give.

Trying to sleep in a noisy, warm, or uncomfortable environment may ruin your sleep

See the picture above?ย  I WANT TO BE HER TONIGHT!


Thank you for reading about my misery, you can all go back now to your original scheduled programs.ย  LOL!

Beckie ๐Ÿ˜ณ




Picture Credits: Pinterest


  1. Hope you’ll find some sleep. Been there done that got the t-shirt a d I know it ain’t fun. But I also learned I eventually get back to proper sleep so am not too bothered about it anymore. Our neighbour though who leaves his tv on rather loudly at night just when I fell asleep might have to deal with some unexplainable thing happening to him soon ๐Ÿ˜˜

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