“Willow Poetry’s” What Do You See? 4/2-4/8/2019 Photo Challenge ~*~ Midnight’s Summer Storm ~*~

Hello, All…

Helene of “Willow Poetry” has given a photo prompt for this week.  Here’s is my contribution to go along with this striking picture.

Photo prompt April 2 to April 8, 2019


~*~ Midnight’s Summer Storm ~*~



Once there was darkness

Thick, saturated blackness,

full and heavy, all too content.

Then arrived the sweeping winds,

loosening the sleepy, leaves from high branches

and swarthy thickets.

Thunder rumbles in the distant,

that beat upon stagnant silence.

Finally, the finale…

The fighting white light had awakened the charcoal sky.

Lightning pierced through bursting clouds,

revealing all of Mother Natures secrets.


BC 2019


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