“Teens First Kiss” ~*~ Song Inspired Haiku Challenge

Carolina, of “Yesterday After” has a Song Inspired Haiku Challenge” – Naturally, I couldn’t pass this one by.  Haiku and Music Video to be viewed below.


Inspired by a Song – Haiku 5.7.5 – I Don’t Know

Try to write your Haiku from your favorite song it’s fun, a great practice and very challenging…
How to do it?  Go through the lyrics and use the words that more speaks to you to create your Haiku be careful to keep the words in a way that combined in your Haiku will remain the song! Yes I know isn’t easy but you would be surprised!

I am thinking to make this as a weekly or monthly Challenge where we can all post a link to our song’s inspired Haiku!
What do you think will you be interested to participate?
Let me know and I will think how to create the event here on my Blog! Any suggestion is welcome 😉
Leave me a comment if you like the idea so that I know I wont be alone…. ❤

Thank You!



man and woman hugging each other

a teenage romance

first, embrace on a cool night,

smooth lyrics they kiss.




BC 2019

Credit: Unslpash.com ~ Frank McKenna & Youtube



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