~This Week of Reflection~ 3/16 – 3/22/19

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Hello, All!

I hope this post finds all of you well and ready for the upcoming weekend.  Do you have anything special going on?  Or, are you just going to chillax on the sofa and catch up on some relaxation?

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This pretty much looks like how I’m spending my weekend.  Sort of the same thing I did for most of this week.  🙄 

This week of reflection included the following:

  • To be honest, last Saturday was a complete blur.  (Oh, that exciting life I lead, huh?)
  • Sunday, March 17th., I celebrated my parrot, “Peanuts” 31st., Birthday.  He enjoys the new toy that he can chew to his heart’s content, plus he really loved the meal I prepared for him.  Steamed carrots and rice with teriyaki sauce.  (It was a beautiful thing.  He was quiet for over a half hour just munching away).
  • Monday was a day of looking up different meditation videos in order to calm my anxiety.  Since Monday, I have done my mindfulness meditation twice daily.  And, I have to admit… it has helped a little.
  • Tuesday, was my visit with my therapist.  (Thank the heavens above!)  I really looked forward to that visit and can see I was really holding back or keeping my emotions all pent up for quite a while.  You can read more about that on this week “Working on Me” if you feel so inclined.  LOL!  To say the least, I have numerous things that I need to work on.  Anxiety, Trichotillomania, staying in the present moment, and continue to forge ahead with my mindfulness plan.
  • Wednesday, kicked my butt.  I was so emotionally worn down from my visit with my therapist.  Not only did I take a nap, but I didn’t have any troubles whatsoever in falling asleep, and sleeping for 13 hours or so.

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  • I guess I got enough rest in me because I spent a lot of time reading, writing, and partaking in some challenges that “The Haunted Wordsmith”, “Tales From The Mind of Kristian”, and “A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doddlepip” provided.  
  • Thursday was no exception.  Still had energy and kept participating in challenges.  I also made a wonderful early dinner for my roommate and me. Red beans and rice with sausage.  If I do say so myself… It was damn good comfy food for a rainy, damp, cold miserable day outside.  Heck, did Spring forget to include New Jersey this year????
  • Today, which is Friday (Duh?) I just have an errand to run.  (Again… I live such an exciting life, don’t I?) But, afterward, I’ll be back here.

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It’s this place that I find solace.  One of the best feelings for me here is that others that have mental health issues can really be a tremendous support to one another.  Through our experiences, constant communications either here or via email, it truly means the absolute world to me.

It’s this place, I find some amazing poetry and stories that allow me to get out of my own head.  My goodness, there are soooo many talented people within the WordPress walls. (And, Trump wasn’t even part of the equation of making this protected wall).  LOL!

It’s this place, I have met some outstanding individuals that write with a purpose and goal of informing and encouraging people with information that they have looked into, and have shared with all of us.

Now it’s time to ask you a question:  How has WordPress impacted your lives?  Please leave a comment about your experience.  

Okay, that concludes this week of reflection.  Here’s to Friday and the Weekend!  Enjoy, everyone!  

Take Care & God Bless,




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24 thoughts on “~This Week of Reflection~ 3/16 – 3/22/19

Add yours

      1. I’m tired and could use another half gallon of coffee but I’m not bad…

        I got to speak with you, that makes a day right there! 😝

        Liked by 1 person

                    1. You did well! I’m picking up what you’re laying down! 😊

                      Not trying to get all weird and sentimental and stuff, but I know you go through a lot. And I can see an awesome lady who puts on a smile and has a great personality. But the inside holds a lot. The least I can do is make you laugh and think, well at least John cares.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. You’re so incredibly welcome Beckie! I thoroughly enjoy cutting up with you. Just let me know when my maturity level descends to an embarrassing level lol!!

                      Liked by 1 person

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