~*~ “Dear Diary” ~*~ (Poem)

~ “Dear Diary” ~

(Lengthy Poem)


Under lock and key

you have been a friend indeed,

since the age of nine

you have never left my side.


I remember those words written

as my thoughts dispersed…

“Dear Diary”

‘Today at school, I got so mad!

My teacher gave me a “C” from yesterday’s test

and this really made me sad.’


Becoming a teen

I didn’t think I would keep on writing,

but felt the need to get it all out,

words spilling out of me like a spout…


“Dear Diary”

‘I despise when Dad drinks

he hisses and curses,

and when he’s up in my face

my anxiety surfaces.’


Under lock and key

wasn’t good enough

My diary had to be hidden away,

our family life, undeniably rough.


“Dear Diary”

‘I can’t wait to graduate

and get the hell out of Dodge;

I’ll turn eighteen and

find me a new place to lodge’


Times, they did change

friendships, dating,

new jobs, new place’s

quite a lot of rearranging.


“Dear Diary”

‘I think I met the man I’ll marry,

he’s nothing like Dad

who was so damn scary.

This man makes me laugh

and feel good to be alive,

we never run out of things to say,

when we’re together we simply thrive!’


During the fifteen years of being together

we shared our ups and downs

and rode through the rough weather.

I had no excuse’s to stop writing,

we were living our lives

and it was all so exciting.

That was until that day;

when our relationship took a sudden turn

as if the wind was knocked out from beneath our wings,

there was nothing left… no care or concern.


“Dear Diary”

‘I haven’t written for a long while;

I need you more than ever,

my relationship is over,

all ties are severed.

My heart is fractured

and beyond repair,

I feel lost without his presence,

all I feel is a heaviness in the air.’


The more I wrote of my heartbroken misery,

I decided to move back

and be to close to my family.

A year and a half had passed

New job.  New residence,

whole new change by contrast.


Come home from work,

turn on the evening news…

Phone (((rings))) –  I Answer, “Hello”

There’s a long pause,

I glimpse at the news,

I then see his face.

I hadn’t a clue,

I couldn’t move,

had no idea what to do.


The day of his funeral

all seemed a blur,

family and friends stood by my side,

as I thought back to how we once were.


“Dear Diary”

I can’t seem to stop crying,

the love of my life died,

I can’t imagine to go on and keep trying.’


Tears descended, smudged

the words as I wrote,

my emotions felt like a rope

tied tightly around my throat.


Under lock and key,

my dear friend the diary

holds memories and secrets still.

Once in a while, I’ll pull one out to read,

It begins with a young girl age nine

and will end someday in time.

Until then… I’ll always begin;

“Dear Diary”




BC 2019

Photo Credit: Pinterest
































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    1. Right after I got married, and because I was beginning a new chapter in my life, we actually took them all and added them to the campfire. I had only saved and copied certain parts of each diary to remember them by.
      Now, it seems that WP is mynew diary. I don’t hold much back in these parts. LOL!

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