“Thought Provokers” – Answer’s to Rory’s Questionnaire

Rory over at “A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip”  is at it again with “Thought Provokers” – I’m up for the challenge!  😉



Thought Provoker’s


How have you educated yourself today? To be honest, I just finished reading an entry by our lovely birthday girl, Ashley over at, “Mental Health @ Home” about CBT Therapy on pain.  Very interesting, and I intend to speak to my own therapist next week in regard to what I have learned from her post.


What is the biggest frustration you’re facing now? Well, my anxiety is a little amped up.  The frustrating part of this is because I honestly don’t know what is causing it.


What gives you meaning? Not quite sure how to go about answering that one.  I would hope by my example of how I cope with my mental illness, is one that encourages others that there is hope.  That if we have an open forum to discuss this very topic and bring more awareness to mental illness… I would hope to contribute that to break the stigma that surrounds it.


When was the last time you had an exciting idea that kept you awake most of the night? Are you pursuing that idea today?  LOL!  I’ve been working and tweaking on a piece of poetry for over a week now.  Yes, I have thought about it, and yes, I have even written things down in the middle of the night.  When I like the finished product, I hope to publish it.  (Not ready to post it today though).


Do you trust your own instincts? Well… When I was an alcoholic, I sure as hell didn’t trust my own instincts at all.  I was dumber than a box of rocks back then.  How I maintained my job efficiently is still beyond me.  Now, I am more intuned to my instincts, and they are fairly sharp.  Thank God for sobriety!


Who are you becoming?  In all sincerity, I believe I have become a kinder, more compassionate, patient, and inquisitive person.  By all means, I’m definitely not turning into a superhero any time soon.  I simply just want to be a happier person than what I was in the past.


What inspires you?  I can’t narrow that down to one particular thing.  Everything inspires me… People, nature, love, experiences, life, weather… I told ya, everything pretty much inspires me.


Thanks again, Rory!  

Take Care, 

Beckie 😊




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