🤣March 13, 2019: Quote of The Day & My Thoughts 😂

laugh laughing GIF

“Kindness and a generous spirit go a long way. And a sense of humor. It’s like medicine – very healing.”

~Max Irons~


No matter how many lemons have been thrown my way, without the sugar it tastes bitter.  It’s like telling a joke and having to explain the punchline.  Without having a sense of humor it’s like a fish without water… Dead!”

~ Beckie Cutler ~



Quote Credit: Brainy Quotes

Photo Credit: Giphy


  1. Gotta laugh!! Learning to laugh at ourselves is freeing. When we stop putting so much pressure on ourselves and laugh at our mistakes, we are happier. So says I, a legend in my own mind😂😂😂😂

    Love the GIF…the Muppet Show😍😍😍😍 now I’m feeling nostalgic…

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