S.Y.K. 03/11/19 Questions & Answers

Candace of “Revenge of Eve” questions of the week for her series “S.Y.K.”  – So You Know – Are here again.  Care to join in the challenge?  I will be reblogging her original post after I submit my answers.  Look forward to reading your answers!
revenge of eve

Think – Reblog – Share – Answer

This week on So You Know I am going to ask you to really think about your answers to the following questions. I also would like to say that I understand if you do not care to answer them publicly but I do ask you to reblog this post. Why? Because I think the questions I am going to ask need to be asked of others to encourage them to think about the way they (we) as individuals operate.

I only ask you to participate if you can be 100% honest. I feel that many, if they are being honest, will not want to share their answers.

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I like to keep it pretty simple around here and here are a few things to keep in mind while participating:

  • There are no right or wrong answers… Your answers = Your opinion = Your life
  • Answer a few or one, whatever you are comfortable with
  • Pingback to any S.Y.K. post
  • Use the hashtag #SYK to tag your post
  • Be real. If you feel a certain type of way, say it. You were asked your opinion (double dog dare)

Extra info.

  • A number of questions will be asked. At least 1, no more than 5.
  • Questions will range in subject from cherries to prostitution.
  • Participation will consist of you creating a post on your website, listing the questions and responding.
  • Pingback to any SYK post
So You Know
So You Know

  • How much of what you do for other others is conditional?  When it comes to my roommate and myself, I find that both of us have respect and conditional understanding of one another.  I believe I also give and show respect to all those around me.  I try to put my whole heart into everything I do.
  • Are you driven by motive? Am I driven by a motive? – Well, no one has ever given me a reason to commit murder.  LOL!  There is a motive behind my blog.  I want to be someone that another can turn to in times of listening or needing advice.  I want to be a positive role model for the mental health community by sharing my experiences and even make light of those moments.  I try not to be over technical, but more relatable.
  • Who do you think of when you offer assistance to someone in need?  I think of that person.  As I mentioned, I’m here to listen to that person’s wants and needs.  If I feel that I have a commonality with that person and/or situation, it is only then I will share advice on how I dealt with the issue or problem at hand.
  • If you see someone, a stranger in distress, do you….. A. look the other way B. hang around to see if they receive help C.jump to aid them without thought D. help if you have time???  To be completely honest here, I’d say both B & C.  Example to this answer.  If I see someone freaking out and holding a gun or knife, I’m not going to try and take it away from them, BUT, I would contact authorities in order for that person to get the proper help they need.  If I see someone that is obviously having a rough go at it and begins to cry, I will offer my assistance to try and help that person to the best of my ability.  Kindness matters.
  • Do you feel integrity is a moral or something created by society that guilts us to follow societal standards?  I believe integrity, is moral. Society seems to want to push us into following some standards that I know aren’t right for me.  I’d rather have integrity by myself if it meant me changing everything I ever learned in the past.  

Thank you,





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