~ Endless Night of Regret ~ (Poem)

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~ Endless Night of Regret ~



It is just past midnight

and I am still on the rise

I’ve had a hard time sleeping —

Problems, lies, and cries

plague my wanting and needing sleep.

I wonder, what have I done

to feel so lonely and blue?

Nothing seems to add up,

I simply haven’t got a clue.

Did I do something bad?

That something I must have forgotten–

I do wonder, was it something terribly rotten?

Do I deserve this agony and pain,

was it all my fault?

This wondering I do in the middle of the night,

is that of a wound and added salt.

It’s not my wrongdoing

I have forgiven the past

and alas–

I trudge forward putting myself first,

letting go of what wasn’t supposed to last.

I know some things are difficult to forget,

but God says you must forgive

and in order to forgive, you must forget.

Nothing I can do with holding on to regrets.



BC 2019

Photo Credit: Pinterest



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