S.Y.K. – Revenge of Eve – Answers to her Questions

So You Know

Hello, All!

Here is my answer’s to this week’s “S.Y.K. – So You Know” series.  The following questions presented by Candace over at “Revenge Of Eve”  If you’d like to play along, I reblogged the info on my site.  Hope you will join in!


Have you ever wet your pants or the bed as an adult?  When I was drinking (alcohol) like a fish, I was camping in a tent with my ex-fiance’.  We had an air mattress and it was a real bitch and a half to get out of being that my knees were shot even back then.  Yup!  You got it… I didn’t quite make it to the outhouse.  Hell, I didn’t quite make it out of the tent at all.  I was so embarrassed back then, but now that I look back on it… The jerk deserved it!  LOL!!!!

Who is your all-time favorite comedian?  How would you describe the style of comedy you enjoy?   I’ll be honest, I have so many comedians that I so loved that this is really difficult to narrow down to one.  I’m gonna cheat and give at least three because, well, hey… I can.  LOL!  1. George Carlin for his dry wit and honesty.  Not to mention speaking the obvious.  2. Lucille Ball for her animated, action-packed humor and style.  3. Robin Williams, when he first started off he too was so animated and so full of life and funny as all sin.  Not to mention he was such a diverse human being for all the roles he played, whether they were funny or serious.  I miss all of these wonderful comedians that touched my funny bone.

Do you and your friends and/or family have a funny person in your circle?  Within my group of friends, I’d say we all bring something to the table as far as funny goes.  We pick fun at our mental illness because we need to find humor with the seriousness of it at times.

As far as my family… I’d say my sister and I are the funniest out of the group, although neither one of us likes the other.  We are both quick-witted.  I am more of the jokester and one of my attributes is making people laugh with my dry sense of humor and sarcasm.


So, that’s all my honest answers to this weeks S.Y.K.  “So You Know” series by Candace over at “Revenge of Eve”

Take Care,






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