Monday Stimulation: A Little of This and That to Begin Your Week With 😊

Happy Monday All!

I know we tend to not too overly excited with Monday’s, but we can always make the best out of them!  Ready? Let’s proceed, shall we?


Coffee is a must-have!  It takes the edge off of mornings.

How about reducing stress, anxiety, with being mindful for your well-being.  I just recently found this the other day, and it truly is an amazing and positive way to begin not just your Monday, but every day!

Goals Quotes:

“Without effort and change, human life cannot remain good.  It is not a finished Utopia that we ought to desire, but a world where imagination and hope are alive and active.”

~ Bertrand Russell ~ Philosopher

“Stay fluid and roll with those changes.  Life is just a big extended improvisation.”

~ Jayne Lynch ~ Actress

PERIOD. #seebeautiful


I hope you all enjoy the week!

Take Care & God Bless,



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