Oh No Way, Oh So Way!!!😂 🤣 😃

Oh No Way, Oh So Way brought to you by Rory!


All you need do to the questions below are answer Oh No Way for “No, I have never’ or ‘So Way for yes, I have!’  Therefore your answers to the questions below can only swing two ways ‘yes or no’ or ‘Oh So Way or Oh No Way’.

You need only to answer in the comments section below or it’s up to you if you go further or treat this as a prompt for a post… If however, you chose to answer in the comments section – then here are the questions…

Questions – well’ish ish!

Had my tonsils out?  No.

Dressed up as the opposite sex?  Oh So Way!  I dressed as a hobo for Halloween when I was about 9-10 years old.

Heard another couple ‘doin’ it’ and tried to outdo their noise level with my own ‘doin’ it’?  Oh, So Way… Both prom nights.  It was a howling contest.  LOL!

Smoke from a bong? Oh, So Way… Between the ages of 20-33 years old.  Yes, my husband at the time and I were real stoners back in the day.  A great deal of laughter and munchies to follow.

Been an extra in a movie? No.

Googled my own name to see what came up?  Yes, under my formal name, and it still shows the address that I lived at from over 4 years ago.

Wondered what type of animal species I might be if not a human?  Yes.  A parrot.  You think I’m that easy to shut up?  LOL!

Danced in a fountain? Oh, So Way.  Great Adventure Amusement Park in my early 20’s… Again, my hubby at the time and I were stoners…  We were always daring each other to do stupid stuff.  Needless to say, both of us jumped in and had a blast!

Been peed on by an elephant? Oh, No Way!   Ewwwww!

Made an Ostrich angry? Oh, So Way!  Driving through Great Adventure’s Safari.  Had the windows cracked open while eating sandwiches, and one mean Ostrich tried to steal it from me.  We had to speed up a bit to avoid him breaking the window.

Dressed up as a superhero for role play during sex? No.

Upset a giraffe? No.

Gotten something stuck in your nose? Yes. Embarrassing, but I stuck a little piece of sponge up my nose when I was 5 years old.  I was scared to admit this to my mother, but I had no choice once I developed a sinus infection.  The pediatrician said it wasn’t the first time she saw a child stuff objects up their nose.

Peed in the swimming pool instead of going to the toilet? Oh, No Way!

Picked fluff out of your belly button? (Rory, where do you come up with these questions?  LOL!  – Yes.

Been on a blind date? Yes.  An absolute disaster not just once, but three times.  

Okay, so there you have it.  Thanks, Rory for asking some embarrassing questions!

If you’d like to join in on the following questions, go to Rory’s blog site listed above.

Take Care,




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