A Final Push – My GoFundme Campaign

REBLOG: For all of those that write for the mental health community here at WordPress, please show some love towards our dear friend (aka James) of “The Bipolar Writer” – If you are not able to donate towards such a wonderful cause, please reblog the following post. Thank you in advance!!!

The Bipolar Writer Collaborative Mental Health Blog

I wanted to say first, thank you all to those who have already donated towards upgrading The Bipolar Writer Collaborative blog to the business level. There have been some fantastic large donations and also amaing small donations that have brought us closer, but we are still not quite there–as of today wehavemadeover260 dollars,whichisreallyamazing!I think this final push will help us finally achieve our goal.

Always Keep Fighting!

What is the Goal?

The next level. Upgrading TheBipolarWriterblog to the business level for the next year and a half. This will give the blog more options on getting the collaborative work out there into the world. I also want a place where authors can showcase and sell their work on here (I am working on how this will be possible.) Attheendoftheday,theultimategoalistospreadthestoriesandexperiences of those in the mental illness blogging community with the world and end the stigma.


This blog has always…

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