~*~ This Week of Reflection ~*~ 2/10/19 – 2/16/19

..make this day of the week dry erase board from picture frames, using scrapbook paper and stickers (to spelling the day) as the photos then decorating the outer frame part with fabric flowers.

Hello, All & Happy Sunday to You!

I hope this post finds that you have had a pleasant weekend and that you are all psyched up to the upcoming week!  (I know… What the hell is wrong with me, right?)  The way I look at it is this…  The sooner February moves along, the sooner Spring arrives.

This past week seemed to have moved at a sloths pace.  

Last Sunday, my roommate, her sister and I went to a Pet Expo.  It was a great deal of fun, but my knees weren’t quite ready for all the walking involved.  I had just had the first series of gel shots injected the previous Thursday.  

There were so many different breeds of dogs from Yorkies to Great Danes, but the one thing that was rather disappointing was that there wasn’t really any other animals there.  A small exhibit for cats, reptiles, and that was it.  Oh, before I forget… There was this idiot that was putting a show on with exotic birds.  As most of you know, I own an Amazon Yellow Nape Parrot named Peanut.  The jackass was mistreating the birds, and they all appeared dead tired, underfed, and to be honest, they looked rather beaten down.  Needless to say… I made sure to complain about this jerk the following Monday.

It made me feel better that there were others that aired their concerns for these beautiful birds.  Hell, if I could, I would take them all home with me.  They would be spoiled and brought back to health in no time.

Tuesday, I was supposed to go see my therapist, but I was feeling pretty lousy with a harsh cough.  I made jokes about it, stating I developed kennel cough from the expo.  No biggie though, I’ll see her in a couple of weeks.

Wednesday was boring as boring could get.  I refer to that day as “Void Day.”

Thursday, was naturally “Valentine’s Day” – That’s all fine a lovey-dovey if you have someone to share the day with.  However, it was also my mom’s birthday.  I really wished to celebrate her day with her but was thrilled that her brother and sister-in-law were visiting for the month. My Aunt and Uncle are the most fun people to hang out with, and my mom has really been having such a great time with them.

Thursday, was also the day I got the second series of gel shots injected into my knees.  ‘Ah, the gift that keeps on giving… PAIN!  that’s what it’s giving.’  Later in the evening, I had gotten out of bed to (Well, you know), and I misstepped and slammed my right knee into the corner of my bed. When I tell you I had stars, birds, and pterodactyls flying around my head, I’m not joking.  I also sounded like a truck driver spitting profanity and making up new curse words like no one’s business.  OMG!!!  Pain!!!  I still have a bruise the size of a crop circle where the shot was administered.

Friday & Saturday were also rather blah.  I accomplished nothing, nada!  In fact, I probably collected dust while lying in bed keeping my legs elevated, not to mention trying to get rid of my kennel cough. 

All I know is this… Come Sunday, I refuse to lay in bed anymore.  I have so much to do around the house, and still, need to run some errands.  I also want to search online for a new comforter set.  It never fails, this time of year I become bored with being stuck inside and always feel that I need to redecorate my surroundings.  I look at it this way… I haven’t done this in two years, and I’m due.  LOL!

Okay, folks!  It’s time for me to close for now.  I hope you all have a pleasant remainder of the weekend.

Take Care & God Bless,

Beckie 💗


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