Narcissistic 💔 Valentine (Poetry)

narcissist love

in search of…

the remedy

the perfect potion 

the antidote

the drug of choice 💊

the cure

to fight the spell

of me loving loathing you.💔

no heart-shaped chocolates

no bouquets

of red, pink, and white💐

no cards of lovey-dovey fakeness

spewed by Hallmark 🤮

no more insanity

of me loving loathing you.💔

Bye, bye to my Narcissistic Valentine…

Here’s to you loving only you!

I’m free at last!



BC 2016


Personal note:  Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been reading some of my old journals dating between 2009-2016.  Some of what I read back to myself stunned me. Namely which was the relationship I had with a narcissist who loved himself more than me or his own daughter.  Sad, I know.  Anywho… I came across this poem I wrote not long after we broke up.  It just happened to be on Valentine’s day 2016.  I thought I’d share this one with you guys.  Note, the Emojis were an added feature.  LOL!!










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