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Hello, All!  How are you on this fine Happy Hump Day? 

I’m doing fairly well all things considered.  I think I may have developed a head cold while attending the pet expo this past weekend, maybe it’s kennel cough, who knows.  Regardless, I thought I’d keep my subject matter a little on the lighter side today.

Here I am, a recovering alcoholic and a person with whom has a mental illness/disorders.  I could have hidden under a rock and avoided all of this, or, I could have made a choice to better myself.  

To be honest, when I first began my program (group therapy) at the mental health facility,  I was rather apprehensive.  First off, it was in a group setting, and I’m not that great at hanging with people I don’t know.  Sure, I was cordial, but nevertheless, I was a nervous wreck.  

All the other women that attended this came from so many different back rounds and ranged in age.  Some were there by choice, other’s were mandated by law.  I just happened to be mandated because I was officially homeless.  (Note: September 2015)  The one and the only thing that was funny about my situation was that I didn’t look at it as being mandated.  It was more about the choice in my recovery.  Which is why I’m bringing up the topic of …


One of our choices in recovery is choosing what we want to think by using our mental ability in a positive light.  Changing all the negative shit that was happening to me, and flipping it into a positive outlook.

Listen. this was not an easy pill to swallow.  I had tried to take my own life, my so-called fiance’ was a major narcissistic asshole that kicked me out of our apartment, I couldn’t hold a job due to my severe depression, and now I’m homeless and living in a God awful shelter that is filthy to boot!  How in the Hell was I suppose to think positively?  

I’m sure you have all heard the saying, “When there is a will, there is a way.”  For some odd reason, I found within myself the will to keep going.  

During one of the group therapy sessions one day, I was introduced to Affirmations.  

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Affirmations are positive mental energies and positive thinking.  This does not mean the cure-all to all your problems, that would be unrealistic.  However, whatever we give our energy to we also empower.

Think about it this way…  The benefits of empowering the good grow bigger.  One simple way of empowering the good is through affirmations, simple positive thoughts and statements we make to ourselves.  Examples “I’m good enough.” – “I’m happy to be alive.” – “I can get through this challenging time.”

I had also had a caseworker at the temporary housing facility that I resided in for nearly a year and a half, that guided me towards daily affirmations.  Namely which were ones that made me strive harder and harder every day to improve my way of thinking.  I assure you of this, under that roof, there was quite a lot of negativity, but as if I were saving my own life, I isolated myself in my bedroom and repeated these affirmations.  I refused to go down without fighting for myself.

I AM Strong by CarlyMarie


I am in the process of making positive changes in all areas of my life.  You see, we all need a little boost of encouragement to get us through the tough times.  If we cannot receive them from another person, that’s okay.  Do what I do… Go to Pinterest!  That is my go-to for when I require a pick-me-up.  

Listen, I’m not forcing this on anyone of you.  It’s your choice, naturally.  But, think of it this way.  By reading positive affirmations and believing in myself, I got out of the situation I was living in.

As of April 2017, I’m no longer homeless.   I’m three and a half years sober, I want nothing more than to be alive.  

I try to reinforce the days when I’m feeling negative about something and flipping it into a positive.  Not always easy, but I have to put in the effort if I want to live a happy life.  You, the readers… All deserve a happy life!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this entry of “Working on Me” – Self-Help.  I hope you all have a wonderful & positive day!

Take Care & God Bless,

Beckie 💗



Affirmations: Pinterest (of course!)

14 thoughts on “~🌼~ Working of Me ~🌼~ Self-Help

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  1. You have taken enormous steps and the way you brought yourself up from the bottom is really amazing. To do this takes more than most people can ever imagine. I’ve never been homeless like you but I can relate to many things you write about. I’m on my 10 year sober and 14 years clean. And still work in progress every day.. thanks for sharing

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  2. This was the hardest part, to date, in all of my recovery (mental and substance). Being that it was my father who disapproved of me, from a young age, I never believed nice things when others said to them about me. Not to mention never having told me anything along the lines of kindness. Compliments made me extremely uncomfortable and I never believed them bc if my own father didn’t feel that way about me, how could they? It was extremely difficult for me to do in the beginning. I actually felt “stupid” saying these types of phrases to myself but with the help of my fellow bloggers I have come to learn how to accept compliments and I work diligently at saying nice things to myself. I have come a long way from where I was when I began. I actually remember blogging about the first time I said ” I love you” to myself… And I meant it. That is still what challenges me today, the believing it part but I get better with it each time. I remember once saying to you that I don’t know what to say when someone compliments me and you said simply, “thank you”. I have stuck to that so not to offend anyone (at first) and now I accept it as their kind opinion of me. You were a big part of me accepting and learning about affirmations. Thank you, Beckie, for being you and reminding me why it is so important to speak nicely to yourself. 💕

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    1. Self-Acceptance and Self-Love are two of the hardest things I ever had to learn for myself.
      The two of us have quite a bit in common as we know… Our lives (as well as many others lives) hav not always been the easiest. But, we can’t give up on ourselves.
      Candace, you have no idea how wonderful you truly are. How much your friendship means to me, and others. You are an amazing young lady with so much potential.
      Now… Repeat after me… “I am worth it! I am stronger! Nothing in the past can dictate who I am in the present!”
      I know you got this girl-friend!!!
      Lots of love and support is being sent your way!! 😘

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