“S.Y.K” – (So You Know) -Revenge of Eve’s Challenge & My Answers

So You Know


Candace of”Revenge of Eve” has come up with this new challenge that provokes thoughts.  The rules are pretty simple and if you like to join along, please feel free to do so!


  • A number of questions will be asked.  At least 1, no more than 5.
  • Questions will range in subject from cherries to prostitution.
  • Participation will consist of you creating a post on your website, listing the questions and responding.
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  1. What is the soul?   A spiritual feeling within ourselves.
  2. What is religion?   No matter what ethnic group, or rather throughout the world, I believe religion is all about worshiping God.  Utilizing the word of God/Christ, and following them.
  3. What is spirituality?  To me… Spirituality is a feeling that encompasses my being.  I’m not a very religious person, but I do believe in God.  I believe that all living things have this quality of living and feeling as if there is something bigger than ourselves and that by being spiritual it helps guide me through difficult times.  I other words, I don’t need a cross to pray in front of or a bible to hold in my hands…It’s not material objects that make me spiritual.  I can simply be in the woods walking on a path and feel nothing but pure love by being surrounded by nature.
  4. What purpose do humans serve in the scheme of things?  Humans should treat all other humans (Providing that their not ax murderers and/or serial killers) with respect, kindness, empathy, understanding, support, and love.  Plus, I believe that all living creatures, furry, scaly and/or with feathers be treated the same as well.  What a wonderful world this would be if all humans were to get along, live as one in harmony and peace.  


Few Things to Keep in Mind:

  • There are no right or wrong answers.  Your answers – your opinions – your life.
  • Answer all, a few, or just one of the following questions.  Whatever you feel most comfortable with.
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  • Use hashtag #S.Y.K. to tag your post
  • Be real.  If you feel a certain way, say it.  This is an opinion based post.


If you should have any questions, ask away.  Contact Candace at Let’s chat (https://revengeofeve.com/contact/)









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