Busy, Busy, Weekend! (Mixed With a Little Anxiety, Pain, and Plenty of DOGS!)

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Hi, All! 

I hope that all of you had a wonderful weekend, and are ready to face the week ahead. 

This past weekend was nothing but restful for me, not one bit.  But, Wow!  what a weekend it was.

As most of you know, I had gel injections done to both knees this past Thursday.  For a day and a half, I iced them and kept them elevated, which in turn meant ‘Taking a nap.’  

Saturday came around, and I wasn’t having to lie around collecting dust no more.  I was up fairly early and tackled a quite a bit the entire day.  Thoroughly cleaned Peanut’s cage, I mean take the damn thing apart and really get in there and clean it.  Then the fishbowl.  Did two loads of laundry, changed the sheets on the bed, cleaned the ceiling fan, the window blinds, and windows themselves, along with dusting and vacuuming the room.  Reorganized paperwork, and filed that away.  Last but not least, tackled the bathroom too.

I don't have it :)..but my home is spotless and clean and I have a life LOL..I just like CLEAN :)

Normally, these chores wouldn’t be that much for me to do, but my knees and back were questioning me the entire time… “What are you thinking?”  No, it’s not Spring cleaning time, but I hate when things seem messy and disorderly. It drives me crazy if things are not clean.   Although I was tired and sore, I was very pleased with everything I got done.  I also was so exhausted from it, that I was able to fall asleep with no problems at all.

Before I knew it, the damn alarm clock was sounding off at 7am.  Time to get ready for the Pet Expo in Edison, NJ.  I was psyched for it.  My body still hurt a little, but that wasn’t going to stop me.

My roommate, JK, and her sister CS,  and I loaded into the car and headed to Edison, which is maybe a 1/2 hour away from CS’s house in Middlesex.  We arrived and found a fairly close parking spot.  Just the same, I brought my cane because I knew how large this event was going to be.

When we walked in, the three of us acted as if we entered a pet amusement park.  I had never seen so many Great Danes under one roof.  Heck, there was one Great Dane who’s hip met inline with my own.  ‘Put a saddle on em’, and I could have had an easy go around this place.’ – They are such gentle giants, I wanted to take them home with me.

I know I put it somewhere.  Obviously, this photo wasn’t taken at the expo, but I had to give you some sort of an idea of how huge these gorgeous creatures are.

Then… There were several Pit Bulls.  They are probably my favorites!  I use to own an American Pit, and she was such a love, a sap of a dog.  Her name was Brandie Muffin Lady.  (Don’t ask).  I know there are several people that dislike them because of the bad rap they have in the media, but I’ll tell you what… It’s how you treat the dog and how you train them.  Brandie was so docile and could be trusted around infants.

We came across one Pit Bull… He was a real mush.

Happiness is a smiling dog

His face was all smiles, and his tail wouldn’t stop wagging.  He was the happiest little guy.  I asked the owner what his name was, the owner replied: “Mr. Happy” – That figures.  Who couldn’t love this face?

The only thing that was getting to me, was the crowds.  OMG!  I simply don’t handle large crowds very well.  While my roommate and her sister kept splitting up to visit one vendor to the next, I was left alone at times.  I wouldn’t have minded being left alone with all the dogs and the few cats that were there, but not all the humans.  My anxiety began to rise if I couldn’t spot either my roommate or her sister.  It was awful to feel lost in a sea of people.

When we finally regrouped, my roommate’s sister needed the facilities.  It was then I decided to sit down to take a break from all the walking we were doing.  By that time we had been walking for over 3 hours.

While sitting, I just watched the parade of dogs march by or see them being pushed in strollers.  Of course, it wasn’t a Great Dane in one of those little strollers, but a bunch of itty bitty pups.  Most of the little pups were all dressed in their Sunday best.

Yorkies #YorkshireTerrier

Naturally, by the time we were done walking the entire expo, I was physically shot to hell.  

My knees and back wanted nothing but to lie down.  However, we went to dinner afterward, and then I had to stop at the supermarket before we went home.  To say the least, when arriving back home, I went straight upstairs to my bedroom, changed into my PJ’s, played with Peanut for a little while until it was time for him to be covered.  Then by around 10’ish, lights out!  

I woke up this morning feeling every muscle aching and my brain overloaded with every breed of dog in mind.  I wish I owned a farm in order to own all the fur babies.  But, I am very happy with my baby boy Peanut.  He will always be my little boy.  I can’t believe he turns 31 years old next month.  

Well, that was my weekend in a nutshell.  How was yours?  Did you do anything exciting, or relaxing?  Shout out to Ashley of “Mental Health @ Home” – Sorry, there were no guinea pigs around, or I would have shared pictures of them here for you to see.  LOL!

Until later, I hope you have a wonderful Monday!  In the meantime, I think I may just take a short nap.  I’m still tired and sore.

Golden retriever Tiberius enjoying his weekend! #quote #goldenretriever


Take Care & God Bless,

Beckie 💗



Photo Credits: Mine and Pinterest


  1. I’m so glad you had fun. I was worried about your knees.

    Pits absolutely get a bad rap! My neighbor had a pit and when my younger daughter was an infant she would sit on him, hold his collar and bounce.
    Anytime any of the kids fell down or got hurt, he was right there sniffing and making sure they were okay. They painted his nails, put a bike helmet on him…he was the best dog ever!

    Liked by 1 person

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