~*~ This Week of Reflection 2/3 – 2/9/2019 ~*~

..make this day of the week dry erase board from picture frames, using scrapbook paper and stickers (to spelling the day) as the photos then decorating the outer frame part with fabric flowers.


Hello, and Happy Saturday, to All of YOU!

Hoping you are enjoying the start of your weekend.   I figured I would write this post a day ahead of schedule because come tomorrow, I won’t be home for most of the day.  My roommate, JK bought tickets to a Pet Expo.  Far be it for me to turn down hanging out with furry friends for a whole day.  LOL! 🐶 🐱

Alright, so I got through the first week of February unscathed for the most part.  This is how it all went down…

  • Monday, I spent a great deal of time preparing future pieces to present here, along with reading a great deal.  Did some light cleaning, laundry, and for the first night in a whole month, I fell asleep and stayed that way until the alarm clock went off.
  • Tuesday, of course, I slept well the night before, because Tuesday was the day I had my appointment with my psychiatrist to discuss the reason why I wasn’t able to fall asleep.  (This is sort of like the times when you need a haircut desperately, but the day you’re getting your hair done, it looks gorgeous).  Regardless, since my appointment and being prescribed the Klonopin I requested, I’ve been sleeping like a baby.  Thank GOD!

Tuesday, was also one of the most perfect days to enjoy being outdoors.  It was absolutely a stunning day weather wise.  The sun was out, the temps in the mid-sixties didn’t have to wear layers of clothing and keep your head buried under a scarf, Hell… I even opened up the bedroom windows for fresh air to circulate.  Peanut, my parrot was in his glory too.  He was singing full blast, “You Are My Sunshine” – But, all good things come to an end.  The temps dropped once again into the low 30’s by 9pm.  Blah!

  • Wednesday,  I woke up rather refreshed and ready to begin the day.  Maybe it had something to do with being able to fall asleep.  “Ya think?”  It was rather yucky outside, so I ended up staying in and writing.  In other words, Wednesday was fairly uneventful.
  • Thursday, I went to my orthopedic doctor to have him administer the first set of gel shots into both my knees.  Prior to the shots, I was a bit nervous that my anxiety would step up to the plate, but I was actually fine.  I first had x-rays done because the last time they had been done was three years ago.  

The doctor comes in and we discuss that my knees are in bad shape, but he didn’t push the operation speech with me.  However, he did warn me that because it had been a full year without the shots, I would most likely experience more pain than normal.  ‘Yay!’  (Again, thanks, Medicaid for terminating my coverage last year).

Now, I must admit, I really do love my orthopedic, I would recommend him to anyone.  He just talks me through each step and explains to me what I’m going to feel as the shots are being done.  “You’re going to feel a little pressure.” (Thought)  Pressure? = I am now pushing myself upward and off the table, I’m almost touching the ceiling…  “Now, you’re going to feel some heat.”  (Thought)  “Where the Hell is the fire extinguisher?!?!”

He completes the shots and says…  “Now remember to ice them, bend them, and then elevate them, and repeat.”  – “Gotcha!’

First, I have to get in and out of the car without tears flowing.  I get in the house and grab a bag of frozen corn and proceed to ice my knees, alternating every 20 minutes.  Defrosted the corn, and now I moved up to peas.  After doing this for nearly an hour and a half, I decided I would lay in bed to elevate my knees.  But first, I have to make it up the stairs which to me felt like climbing Mt. Everest. 

I finally reach my bed, pop a Nabumetone for the inflammation and swelling,  after that… I woke up three hours later only to repeat the icing.

To think, I have two more weeks of this fun-filled activity!  YAY!!!

Actually, once this is over with, I know I will feel a great deal of relief.  “No pain, no gain.”  These shots actually cushion the impact of walking and climbing Mt. Everest for close to six months.  After that, it’s back to feeling some more pressure and heat, not to mention defrosting all the bagged veggies in the freezer.  LOL!

  • Friday,  I woke up rather stiff.  Not so much pain, just awkwardly stiff.  I didn’t do much of anything yesterday.  I read for a little while, chatted on the phone with a friend and then my mother.  Made something to eat, and basically laid in bed.  I think I was so lethargic because of the dosage of Klonopin I had taken the last two nights.  I decided to cut the dosage in half last night to see if that helped, and it made a difference when I got up this morning.  

This morning my legs didn’t hurt, nor were they stiff.  ‘Yippie!’  I actually have plans on catching up with cleaning, reading, and writing today.  The last two days combined were just a mess to do either or, so I am taking full advantage in being productive today.

So, how was your week?  Do you have any plans for the weekend?  Whatever you do, I hope you find the time to enjoy yourself!

Take Care & God Bless!

Beckie 💗




12 thoughts on “~*~ This Week of Reflection 2/3 – 2/9/2019 ~*~

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  1. Spent most of the day at my mum’s today. Watched a film in TV called, Grounded. It’s a really funny film, that I have only seen once before and it was first time for my mum seeing it. We were both laughing our heads off.

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  2. I’m so glad you’re getting some sleep 😴😴 FINALLY 👍💖
    and all day with cute furriness?😮I am soooo envious!
    I’m not a huge fan of weekends cuz the little yellow school bus doesn’t come😕 Ben was actually pretty mellow today but it’s still intense to have someone in your face for 14+ hours.😲😂💞

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