~*~ This Week of Reflection ~*~ 1/27-2/2/2019

..make this day of the week dry erase board from picture frames, using scrapbook paper and stickers (to spelling the day) as the photos then decorating the outer frame part with fabric flowers.

Hello, All!  

I’m hoping that all of you have had a pleasant weekend, and are prepared for the upcoming week.  

This past week was pretty dull actually.  It was the only week I had no doctors appointments.  LOL!  I made myself laugh because I kept checking my day planner as well as my calendar to make sure I wasn’t missing an appointment.

I think the one thing that I really worked hard this week was maintaining a good attitude.  Yeah, I may have ranted one day this past week, but I was so overly tired, I simply freaked a little.

Although my sleep is lacking or that my dreams have been overly stimulating, I did not falter to when it came to motivation and keeping up my momentum to get things done.  I only had one day this week where I crashed, and slept for nearly 12 hours straight.  It’s that type of sleep I don’t like because I’m groggy for most of the next day.  However, this time around, I did push myself.

I read a great deal and wrote quite a bit this past week, all of which made me feel good.  It really helps to get outside of my head and not think about anything else negatively.

I spoke to my brother and he seems to be doing fairly well all things considered, now that he is in the shelter.  I get frustrated with him though.  I know he needs help mentally speaking as well as finding temporary housing in the future, but he simply doesn’t listen.  Between him and my sister, they both look down at me and think I’m weak because I have a mental illness.  Lord forbid either one of them ever reached out for help.  But, to each their own.  It’s a wonder why I barely speak to either one of them.  It’s pretty bad when your own family puts a stigma on your mental illness, eh… screw em’.

My mom is doing much better as she had her PICC-line removed this past week.  Her wounds on her ankles have improved as well.  I only wish the swelling would go down.  I give her credit though, she has gone through so much between my siblings and her health, and she still maintains an upbeat and positive attitude.  She is a great source of inspiration for me.  I really miss seeing her, and after I see most of the doctors I need to see, I will plan on saving up again in order to visit her.  My goal is seeing her again in June, but I haven’t told her that yet.  I don’t want to get her hopes up if I can’t pull it off.

After last weeks appointment with the back specialist, he had prescribed Nabumetone, which has helped significantly with the pain I have been experiencing in my lower to center back.  The only downside to it is that I get a slight headache from it or my vision blurs.  I’ll take that if I am finding some relief of having back pain.

Other than that… Not much else has really gone on this past week.  It’s the upcoming weeks that I have appointments at least twice a week.  The two most important ones are that of seeing my psychiatrist and orthopedic doctor.  

The psychiatrist has better prescribe the Klonopin to help me fall asleep.  The Orthopedic will be administering the gel shots into my knees over the course of the next three weeks.  I know this might sound weird, but I am so looking forward to those shots.  I’m scared to death of needles, and these suckers are huge, but I am looking forward to the relief I’ll be feeling, after all, is said and done. 

So, that about covers it for me and this past week.  A rather boring one at that.  LOL!  

Here’s to the first week of February!  Let’s make it a good one!

Take Care & God Bless,




  1. You inspire me. No matter what is going on you put forth effort toward making things happen. You act, not talk and then you follow up. That is what I admire in you. Your tenacity. I will say I am doing something all day along and if something better comes along, I won’t do it or I just simply won’t do it bc I don’t feel like it. I annoy myself with that. As far as your siblings are concerned if they are targeting your diagnosis, its because that is the only thing they have that’s “wrong” with you. Its a wonder they don’t follow in your footsteps seeing as to how much you have overcome. I look up to you and it feels great knowing you have my back and my best interests at heart.

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    • Thank you, Candace.
      I have to admit, today was one of those “Crash” days. Simply put… Just overly tired.
      As far as my siblings are concerned, they were not happy with a lot of my lifes choices. However, that being said… I’m not exactly happy with theirs.
      At least I don’t take it out on my elderly mother by calling her a horrible mother. They mistreast, and disrespect her so much, it’s plain cruel. I could never even imagine speaking to my mother that way let alone, treat her disrespectfully.
      Going back to me putting efforttoward making things happen… It’s because of the last recent depression stint I went through. I was a slug, I didn’t move, I neglected a great deal, and I seriously didn’t think it would ever break.
      Since then, no matter what… I do try my hardest to prevent that from happening.
      I truly appreciate your kind words, Sweetie. You really made my day.

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  2. I’ve found that I get more understanding about my mental illness from my friends than from my family. There’s one side that believes all the stigma. They think I choose to have bipolar or that I can cure it by “thinking positive”. Hugs. Their opinions don’t matter, you know the truth.

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