All I’m asking for is a good nights sleep! Is that too much to ask for? Yes, this is a Rant. Sorry.

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Hello, All!

Happy Friday and February 1st to you!  😊  Hope you are all feeling well today.

Today, I’m having a bit of a rough go at getting my act together.  You see, insomnia has really taken a toll on me in recent days.  Who am I kidding, it’s been this way for weeks.  However, the last couple of nights that I have gotten at least 2-4 hours of sleep, they have been interrupted with wicked dreams.  I mean really horrid ones at that.

The thing is is that I have no idea what is causing these horrible nightmares.  I haven’t been in a bad mood or anything like that, that would trigger me to succumb to these negative dreams that have made me jump completely out of the bed in fear, wake up in tears shaking, and even one night…  I punched my bird’s cage alongside my bed.  Thank goodness Peanut was okay.  I immediately checked on him afterward.  Poor little guy, I’m going to be causing him nightmares soon.

All of this is rather disturbing to me considering I’ve been in a decent mood during the day.  I’ve been eating correctly, no sugar at night, hardly any caffeine, listening to soothing music, shutting off Netflix early enough…  You name it, I’m doing everything and have taken everyone’s suggestions to heart. 

I see the psychiatrist on February 5th., with hopes of her prescribing the Klonopin that we discussed at the beginning of January.  But, what I’m really looking forward to is my appointment with my therapist on February 12th.  It seems so far away until then.

Actually, I am pretty pissed off at the psychiatrist because I had seen her on 01/8/19, and called her again on 01/18/19 stating that my sleep had not improved with taking the Xanax for a week and a half.  She should have just called in the prescription automatically, instead of having me come back to the office to see me only after seeing her 10 days prior.   

Again, I’ve been in a decent mood, but my sleep is practically non-existent, and when I do sleep, I have horrific nightmares.  This just plain sucks!

Today, I have many errands to run along with cleaning the bed/bathroom.  I avoided coffee this morning all together, and I hope that tonight when all is said and done I pass out cold, without nightmares taking a grip on me. 

Okay, I’m done bitching.  Promise.  At least for today.  LOL! 

Until next time, I hope you all have a great start to your weekend!

Take Care & God Bless,




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  1. I know that weather changes and pressure changes can affect my mood, my sleep, my pain level…every things. Maybe that polar air is messing with your dreamspace.
    I’m a chronic insomniac, so I know how awful it can be. Even with high dose sleeping meds I rarely sleep more than 5hours per night.

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