~ What Movie & Musical Score Resonates With You? ~


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Hello, All!  Happy Monday to You!

Last evening I was still having trouble falling asleep.  Yup, (AGAIN).  I sound like a broken record, right?

While staring at the ceiling and watching headlights pass shadows across the bedroom from outside, a thought came to mind.  No, it wasn’t racing or intrusive thoughts.  I was actually thinking of musical scores from movies.  A bit strange, I do realize this.  But!  I never claimed to be normal.

The reason I was thinking of them was that I tend to listen to the Easy Music station through my cable company.  For the most part, the music is all instrumentals.  I find them rather relaxing and quite soothing when I’m reading and/or writing.  In fact, I have them playing now.

I know what you’re thinking, “Where is she going with this, right?”  I do have a point to this.

What movie and what musical and/or song resonates with you when you listen to it?

One particular musical score comes to mind from a movie called “Somewhere in Time”,  October 3, 1980, starring Christopher Reeve and Jayne Seymour.  The premise is a playwright Richard Collier, after a recent breakup and failing to have the concentration to write a new play, decides he needs to get away and clear his mind.  He then escapes his regular surroundings and finds himself driving to no destination in particular.  He comes across the “Grand Hotel” 

It is there while waiting for the restaurant to open, he decides to kill some time by entering the hotel’s history museum where he comes across this portrait of this stunningly beautiful woman, which he learns is Elise McKenna.  She was an actress in the turn of the century.  He becomes obsessed by her beauty and has this overwhelming feeling that he knows her.

Long story short… he learns he was there and had met her and they fell in love.  Yet, somehow he loses her.  She kept the memory of him throughout her entire life until she dies.  He goes back in time by way of hypnotizing himself to recapture the moments of when they first met and fell in love. However, he loses her all over again because he found pennies with 1972 dates on them in his clothing. Zoom— Fast forward, and back to the present, he goes.

Ending…  He can’t live without her and basically dies of a broken heart.  After his death, they meet once again in heaven.

What can I say, I’m a romantic at heart.  LOL!  

The instrumental score was composed by John Barry.  One song is by Rachmaninoff’s called “Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganni” – this piece always reminds me of the relationship and death of my ex-husband.  Every time I hear it, I always imagine when my time comes, would we be reunited in heaven.  I suppose the reason I love this rendition is that it brings me hope. Rather than it bringing me sadness, it spurs up memories of times spent together with someone I loved.

  Here is that very piece:


So…  Now that I have shown you mine, it’s your turn to show me yours.  

What movie and musical score and/or song come to mind? How, or rather what comes to your mind when you hear it?  Does it affect your mood?  Does it affect you in a way of reflecting on the past?  Does it remind you of someone?  Does it lift you up or bring you down?

Let’s see how music can affect us, shall we?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Beckie 💗



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