~*~ This Week of Reflection ~*~ 01/20-01/26/2019

..make this day of the week dry erase board from picture frames, using scrapbook paper and stickers (to spelling the day) as the photos then decorating the outer frame part with fabric flowers.

Hello, All!  

I hope this post finds you all well today. 😊  Did you do anything interesting or special this weekend?  

 This past week had its highs and lows, as I’m sure most people have throughout the course of the whole week.  Here’s my list…

  • Insomnia kicked my buttocks right up until Wednesday evening.
  • I finally had an appointment with a back specialist.  Yay!  We discussed the problems with my back, and he prescribed an anti-inflammatory to ease the “Twangs” of pain I’m experiencing on the L4-L5 region of my back.
  • Said medication prescribed for my back has lessened some of the “twangs” in my back, but have left me feeling quite groggy, dizzy, and sleepy.  (Four more reactions and feelings… and I could be one of the Seven Dwarfs).
  • Was advised to go to physical therapy 3 times a week, 4-6 weeks.  However, being that I’m on a very tight budget of just my disability income, I can’t afford to lay out the co-payments for all of this.  I do plan on going once, get the sheet of the exercises to practice at home, and hope that that helps before my next appointment the end of February.
  • The new medication added to my regular medication that I take at night for my sleep disorder is now assisting not only just for my back, but my sleeping through the night as well.  Yay!
  • My mom stayed out of the hospital for an entire week! She is feeling much better since the PICC-line was adjusted.  Thank goodness, her pain from that has subsided.

This past week was a fairly quiet one, for which I’m grateful for.  My mood has been pretty stable, and I just try to keep busy and really try hard not to dwell on things I have no control over.

Between practicing mindfulness, and reading positive affirmations, it has helped me focus on the good things in my life, avoiding the upsets and negativity that tries to sneak up on me from time to time.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for this weeks reflection.  How was your week?  

Here’s to good mental & physical health!  Plus, here’s to the last week of January!  Let’s make it a good one!  😊

Take Care & God Bless!



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