Because You Love Me

REBLOG: Nandita from “A Tangle of Weeds” wrote this lovely piece of about finding out to love yourself. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

A Tangle of Weeds

I toy with the aurelian idea
of falling in love with myself
only because you asked me
the other day
to see myself
through your eyes.
So I could see how beautiful I am
when you look at me.

You see,
I’ve never really known
how to love myself.
So I tried..
I bought me fancy shoes
expensive clothes
I took myself to the parlour
and got my hair and nails done
I felt nice when
I got compliments..
but that happiness wore off soon.

I then put myself to bed early
made myself eat healthy
my eyes woke up fresh
because now i was no longer
quarreling with the night
and when the morning sun
started kissing me
I threw away my rouge and my blush

“you are glowing” they said
I couldn’t help blushing
more than the sun
I realized it wasn’t really the compliment
that made me…

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