“Did I Hear That Right? What? Huh?” – Hmm????? 😲😳 🤪 😵 OMG! “Beware of the supermarket”

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Hello, All!  Hope that all of you are fine this evening, tomorrow, whenever you may read this…  LOL!  I just hope all is well in your neck of the woods. 😉 

Normally, I don’t write in the evenings, but heck, I haven’t been sleeping in the evenings lately either, “so, what the hell… I’m a writin’ now!”  

Yes, another evening (last night) of being wide awake and wishing for Mr. Sand Man to pay me a visit.  However, I guess he had a hot date and couldn’t be bothering with me.  Or, perhaps it was the blood moon over the last two evenings.  Whatever it is that is causing me not to sleep is now officially pissing me off.  

Okay, I’m over it!  No point in complaining about it.  Move on!

So, this morning, my roommate and I sat over coffee and planned on what we were going to do since she was off work today.  After our coffee and conversation was completed, we were off to run errands. 

You know the saying, “Timing is everything?” – Well, the timing certainly struck us both like a bolt of lightning.

We were in the supermarket picking up a few things.  “I mean, why else would we be there, right?”  Never mind…  So, we are shopping and minding our own business.  We turned into the aisle to pick up cat & dog food to drop off at the animal shelter after the supermarket trip.  

Okay, this is where the timing comes into play…

We enter the aisle and there is one other person all the way down at the other end by the cat food.  The second we arrived to survey prices and select the cat food, this woman turns to us with a can of cat food in her hand and literally yells.  “Remember when you could buy a can of cat food for twenty-five cents? What the F_ _ _!?!?”  Both I and my roommate just kinda stood there for a brief second and agreed with the woman with a nod of agreement.  

Let me back up for this little piece of info before I continue… My roommate suffers from social anxiety, and I fear crowded places.  A normal shopping trip for both of us takes all of 20 minutes top.  We want in, we want out!

Moving Forward…

It was apparent to us both, that this was just the beginning of a rant and a half.  The woman exclaims, “I don’t know why I even bother to shop here.  All I came in to get was some cottage cheese because it was on sale, but figured, I’d pick up some food for the strays that hang out around my house.  I finally got a hold of the male and had him fixed so I wouldn’t have all these kittens all over the place, ya know what I mean?”   (Again, here my roommate and I are just standing there, nodding in agreement, “Oh, yes, I know you mean.” replies my roommate.

Here are just a few of the topics in which this woman was ticked off about:

  • The government.
  • The Walmart closing down the street from the said supermarket over a year ago.
  • Cell phones.
  • The government, because they are listening to our phone calls on said cell phones.
  • Pricing.
  • Local cops for stopping her for going 26 MPH in a 25 MPH zone.
  • Wishing she still resided in Bucks County, PA.
  • The government.  (Did I mention that?)  Yup, she went back to that again.
  • Blood moon affecting everything.

This woman barely took breaths in between subject matters.  She continued with this tirade of blurting out things from her personal life too.  “I was married twice, both of them dead now.  I’m 56 years old and I just started dating the best man I ever met.  He took me to Vegas!”

Again, here the two of us are just listening and sharing glances at one another of “WTF?” – The entire time, just letting her continue.  – “Yeah, the first husband I was married to was in Vietnam, died from that agent orange, then the other husband, yeah, he died of cancer.”

For one split second, it struck me!

While she is still ranting, my mind instantly went into mathematics and history mode.  Vietnam was between the years of 1950 something through to the mid-1970s.  She just said she was 56 years old, I’m only three years younger than her.  What????? 

As quickly as this whole thing started, she said “Bye, gals!  I got my mother waiting in the car for me.” 

ZOOM! She was out of there in a flash.

Both my roommate and I just stood there for a moment, then just started laughing so hard.  At no point did anyone else come down that aisle in the 7 to 8 minutes of this scene.  I think other patrons may have been afraid and thought to themselves, “I’ll come back later.”  LOL!

We finished our shopping, packed up the car, and got in.  Still, in disbelieve, I turned to my roommate and asked her, “Did you happen to catch when she said her age, and the first husband being in Nam?”  My roommate answered, “I think so, I’m not really sure what I heard past the twenty-five cent cat food.”  We both started laughing all over again…

I explained the dates of the war and her age.  “She must have been a child bride of say 12 years old.”  That did it, we were now practically crying from laughing so hard.

We finished our running around by dropping off the food to the animal shelter, pharmacy, and picked up something real quick to eat for when we got home.  After our laughter calmed down a bit, I brought up the fact, that this woman might have had something seriously wrong with her.  Could it have been a mental illness? Perhaps even drugs?  I have no idea, but what an experience that was.

All I do know for certain is this.  I will look down the aisle first, before entering it.  I could now identify this woman in a police line-up if the time ever struck.  LOL!  

Okay…  I just had to share this experience with you, my fellow blogging buddies. 

NowI’m gonna try really hard to relax and hopefully sleep tonight.  

Take Care & God Bless,







  1. Ya know, I randomly talk to strangers at the grocery store, but I NEVER rant at them about the government. Usually I stick with alien abductions or that time I met Elvis😂😂

    I’m sorry you’re still not getting sleep. It might be the moon. Ben’s mama works the overnight shift at a skilled nursing facility and she said all her patients have been “awake and on the call lights every ten minutes” the past few nights. Hopefully, everything will ease up soon.💌

    Liked by 2 people

    • I would have enjoyed the part of meeting Elvis. I’m a big fan! LOL!
      I was up past 4:30 last night and I’m running on fumes now. I have a feeling I’m going to crash real soon, then probably sleep 12 or so hours in that clip. LOL!
      Here’s to talking to strangers!
      Have a wonderful day! 😊


  2. Oh my gosh. I’d definitely talk to strangers, I often get to hear their stories – well if I’ve the headspace for it I do, but, oh my. I’m glad it’s over and it gave me a laugh to read this… so thanks for sharing!
    Love and light

    Liked by 1 person

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