~😈~ Puppet Strings ~👼~ (Poetry)

Hello, I, am Zerina. I am the child of the devil. I keep evil the power of the world. God tried to take me. That's why I look like I do. I can look like a regular teenaged girl. But I am a demon. I have a crush on a human named Phil . Introduce.  If you dare

Crossing the threshold 

between good and evil

avoidance of suggestive notions

planted in my mind…

“Do this.”

“Do that.”

“No, don’t do it.”

“For God’s sake, don’t do that!”

Confliction of truths,

finger-pointing of blame.

Have they no shame?

The little devil on one side

the angel on the other.

This is my life they’re playing with,

can’t they leave me alone?

I’m not their meek puppet

stringing me along.

I have to regain some semblance 

of normality…

I know what’s right from wrong!

Just let me be.

I know I can be strong.


Photo Credit: playbuzz







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