Glad yesterday is over…

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Hello, Everyone!  Happy Thursday to you All!

I’d be lying if I said I couldn’t wait for this week to come to a close. But, be that as it may, I still have today and tomorrow to go through. 

Actually, this week wasn’t all that bad, minus the fact that I developed a cold. However, yesterday seemed like the day would never end.  

Yesterday, was my roommate’s birthday.  It started off pretty nice, at least to her standards, but it certainly didn’t end all that well.  You see, we had plans to go to her sister’s house to get our hair done.  (Her sister is a hairdresser).  She’s been doing my hair for the last 2 & 1/2 years.  She’s been doing my roommate’s hair since her teens.

What seemed to be a nice day/evening ahead turned into misery for my roommate.  Her sister finished coloring and styling my hair first.  I excused myself and went to dry it in the bathroom when suddenly I hear my roommate start screaming at her sister about how she cut her hair.  She then comes into the bathroom stating she looked like a 12-year-old boy…  (Note- I didn’t even think she even had her hair cut).  

My roommate suffers from social anxiety and she doesn’t like to receive any attention at all.  I can understand this, really I can.  However, her sister barely touched her hair, and she was flipping out and having a tantrum like nothing I have ever seen.  She then stormed into the living room, plopped herself on the couch, and sat there with such a pout.

After this event unfolded, her sister and I kept silent.  Or rather, we were making an attempt of small talk.  My roommate wasn’t having any bit of it.  So, for a little over an hour, while waiting for the rest of the family to come home in order to go out to dinner and celebrate her birthday, we simply sat in complete silence.


I sincerely felt bad for my roommate, but to take this to a whole different level was really to the extreme.  I had never seen her act this way, at least not this bad before.

We arrived at the restaurant and her sister was telling me where to sit as if to become a slight buffer between the two of them.  We all ordered our meals, and again the small talk began, meanwhile, my roommate was trying to ignore most of us.

Dinner was actually pretty darn good.  We had gone to a Mexican Restaurant, and I was amazed by how enormous my burrito was.  I had no idea it would have been that huge, naturally, I couldn’t finish it, so I had it wrapped up to eat later on today.

It wasn’t until we got back in our separate cars to head back to her sister’s house, and all hell broke loose again.  20 minutes of her ranting all over again about her hair.  Again, her sister barely touched her hair fro what I could tell.  But I just let her vent, because I figured she just had to get it out of her system.

Coffee and cake were served and we all sang “Happy Birthday” to my roommate.  Again…  She had a meek smile on her face, and said, “Thank you, everyone.”

Then we were back in the car to head home, another 1/2 hour of her screaming yet again.  I tried to calm her, but she was too far gone.  I just sat back and listened to her vent all the way home.

By the time we arrived home, I put the left-overs in the refrigerator and wished her happy birthday again.  I then went to my room and popped some Ibuprofen along with my other meds, and got under the covers.  It felt like hours went by before I could fall asleep.  All I kept thinking about was how her rage consumed her, and how this pushed her over a cliff.

I’m truly hoping that today will be a bit calmer.  I have my therapist appointment first, then my primary care doctor to get the referral for my MRI on my back.  Also, to possibly have a chest x-ray because I coughed up some blood at the beginning of the week.  Then, we will be off to the supermarket to stock up on a few things, being that the weather is supposed to be crappy all weekend.

I’m a bit curious…  If you have social anxiety, have you ever experienced shutting down, then exploding into a fit of rage?  What calmed you down thereafter?

Okay, I’m off to the races to get ready for my appointments.

Hope you have a great day!

Take care & God Bless,



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