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Hello, All!

Today, I just wanted to jump right into my subject matter of fear/anxiety.  They pretty much walk hand in hand, am I right?  The “What-ifs” are another factor that twists their way into fear/anxiety.

I know that when I fear the unknown, (like most people do), I feel a loss of control over a situation.  I have self-doubt and my whole demeanor changes.  I become restless, my mind spins an intricate web of thoughts I don’t want to even think about.

Fear, for me naturally sets off my anxiety.  Palms sweat, heart rate feels like it’s going to burst, mind races like the Indie 500, and I’m exhausted from it.

For a couple weeks now, basically, since the beginning of the New Year, I have been working on my self-control of fear/anxiety.  Sure, it has messed with my insomnia, but that to me is nothing new.  I’m speaking of really working on coping with my fears/anxiety.

Granted, being on medication for anxiety certainly helps.  However, that only takes care of some of the symptoms, and not being the cure-all.  All the things I haven’t had control over I seriously had to just accept.  

Examples:  Brother facing homelessness, Mother going into hospital for an on-going infection that developed in her ankles, and facing a procedure,  developing a nasty cold where I am coughing up blood periodically, and learning that I have been accepted into a permanent housing facility.

Okay, I know…  There are a few things I have control over but at the same time when facing them head-on in the present moment, I feel fear take its toll on me.  

My attitude in recent weeks has been, “Enough is enough!”  I gained some of my self-control back and faced my anxieties head-on.

  1. I am not my brothers-keeper.  I can help guide him and be open to listening to him, but he is not my responsibility. 
  2.  My mother is being well taken care of in a very good hospital and the doctors and nurses are helping her in every capacity.
  3. Already planned on seeing my primary care doctor this upcoming Thursday for a referral.  I will then bring up the nasty cold and probably have a chest x-ray.  (No need to panic over it, “Yet” that is).
  4. I am currently renting a room at my roommate’s house.  We are good friends and have discussed this thoroughly.  We both need one another to be able to afford to reside in this lovely (Sarcasm, folks) state of New Jersey.  Plus, we are talking about moving to North Carolina in the future.  Heck her entire family is looking to move.

By taking all things into consideration and facing up to terms of what I have control over and what I don’t, my fears & anxiety have been kept on an even keel.  

I have kept myself busy with reading, writing, cleaning, scheduling appointments, as well as planning on going out to celebrate my roommates birthday this evening.  I’m also getting my hair done this afternoon.  Sure, I still don’t feel that great, but I’ll be damned if this coughing and not feeling that great is going to stop me.

I guess my point is…  Feel the fear, then let it go.  Jump in and do it, whatever that it is your facing – tackle it.  If you learn to cope and accept it, you will be able to handle it a bit smoother than before.

That’s it for this weeks series of “Working on Me ~ Self-Help”

What and how do you handle your own fears and anxiety?  Do you have a certain method?  Please share with me and other readers how you cope with the handling of the following.

Take Care & God Bless,



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  1. Feel it and face it are exactly what I do. I have up the “what if” game years ago. It wasn’t easy and it still tries to sneak up on me but I’m less stressed.
    If there’s a problem, either fix it or if it can’t be fixed or isn’t your problem, then let it go. Worrying is a waste of time and energy.
    Good for you getting your hair done and going out! I hope you have a fantastic time💪🎆✨🌟🌻💌💌

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  2. You amaze me at how on top of things you stay. I do really well until it gets to the part where I have to dial a number on my phone. Yes, call someone. Gasp! I have struggled with phone anxiety for well over 20 years but since the computer operator take over, I simply cannot. I plan all day, take action and halt because of the damn phone. I need to push past this soon.

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    • Overcoming our fears, such as making a call and reaching out can be difficult. Think of it this… No one on the other side of the call can get to you.
      I’m not saying that all fears/anxiety are easy to deal with. I ust have to believe and put things in perspective that worrying all the time is getting me no where, and try to cope with it sensibly.


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