~*~ Angel Comes to Me ~*~ (Poetry)

Personal Note:  It’s funny how dreams can alter the mood you carry throughout the day.  This is dedicated to the ones who have lost a loved one.  I do believe in angels that visit us from time to time.  I guess I was visited last evening.  I feel so blessed to have woken of thoughts of my one true love.


Clarity of the features, your face

visited me while I dreamt.

Vivid, the memories of 

driving along the Sunrise Highway

in our 68’orange Fiat convertible 

while listening to 80’s bushy long haired 

rock bands on the radio.

Between shifting gears

you’d take my hand and serenade me 

a ballad that would be played

while the winds blow through my hair.

Our destination, searching for the home we once shared

in marital bliss…

Yet, the exits were always missed.

Continuing to follow the twist and turns

of the highway, we drove all the way to Montauk

where we parked and kissed.

Gazing out over the Atlantic as the ocean sprayed against

the rigid rocks below

a sense of serenity filled my heart.

As I dreamt about us 

the sun peaked through sheer curtains of ocean blue

the reality was all too painful

for I stirred a moment longer realizing we were apart.

Memories that filter the crevices while I slept

brought you back to me.


Photo Credit: Pheonix Rainez & Pinterest

8 thoughts on “~*~ Angel Comes to Me ~*~ (Poetry)

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  1. Wow. Beckie that was soooo… good. It must have been a good dream and a beautiful true love once upon a time. You are blessed to have had that kind of love and you are a very talented writer. Nicely done my friend and BTW I missed you and your writing. Happy to see you back on here and writing. I haven’t been writing on my blog very much lately either as I have been working on fisnishing my memoir… nonstop. Much love and hugs, Sue

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          1. You are so kind Beckie. Thank you very much. Now that I finished writing my memoir and gave it my best shot, the doubts and insecurities are filling me up. I will still give it my best shot to ge it published etc. but I’m having some fears and doubts with my abilies etc. So thank you for your kind words. I needed to hear them of course. Hugs…

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            1. Jump right in and be fearless! I have all the faith in the world you can pull this off. You have a story that needs to be heard. You will help so many by sharing it. ore people should strive like you are and give their view on what it’s like to be bipolar. The ups & downs. You are such a spectacular writer with a beautiful soul. Go for it!

              Liked by 1 person

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