Mundane Monday… “Oh, how I need to sleep.”

Luckily it only happens once a week ...     (Cartoon created by Gunny Wolf)

Hello, All!

I hope your Monday started off better than mine.  Last night was yet another evening of floundering like a fish out of water with tossing and turning the evening hours away with every minute passing.

Last evening I waited until 7pm to call my mother to see how her MRI had gone, but her phone went straight to voice mail.  She called me back a few moments later to state that the MRI hadn’t taken place.  Although, they informed her that it would still take place that evening. “Good Lord Oh Mighty!”  She was so anxious about this all day.

While talking she said she would text me when the MRI was completed.  No problem, I would be awake awaiting her call.  By 10pm, I received the text.  The MRI was canceled.  Her nerves were shot by this point, she said she would call me in the morning because she was exhausted.  Hell, if I sat there all day waiting to have this done, I would have been exhausted too from sheer anxiety.

I ended up watching two very good movies last night on Netflix.  “Mr. Church” and “Mother and Child.” Both of them were tear jerkers, just fair warning. Afterward, I binged watched “Criminal Minds” – Why do I do this to myself?  I haven’t got a clue.  Around 1am, I turned off Netflix.

Did turning that off stop me from turning my brain off.  I knew that today was the day my mother would have the procedure done on her ankles that have been infected for nearly 3 months.  With knowing she would be knocked out for this, I had all these thoughts meandering in my mind.

I turned on some soft meditation music to relax me, then popped another Xanax because all the medication that I took at 10:30pm last night didn’t take hold on me.  At last, I checked the clock it was 5:30 ish.

The alarm clock sounded off at 9am.  I am my roommate’s personal alarm clock because she can barely ever wake up on her own.  I’ll admit, this is a ritual I do not enjoy by any stretch, especially if I have had so much trouble the night before.

Finally, by 9:40am she got out of bed… This was after I yelled upstairs that coffee was ready.  After we shared coffee and conversation, she got herself ready for work and out the door she went.

I must have sat on my bed reading the “Reader” for at least an hour before I finally got my act together.  I took a shower, cleaned out Peanuts cage, fed him, took the garbage out, and did a load of laundry.  By the time I had completed this, my phone rang.

To hear her voice was like music to my ears.  The procedure went very well.  She was still groggy from being put under, but she was in good spirits.  I was so relieved.  We will speak later today without a doubt.  Right now, all she needs is her rest.

This afternoon, I think I’ll enjoy a hot cup of cider, play solitaire on my phone, and possibly take a short nap.  I am dragging.  I hate feeling so sluggish when I wanted to get more done today.  Yet, the bed is drawing me in closer.  Heck, I think I heard it calling out to me.  LOL!

Okay, until later…  I hope you are having a better start to your week.  Thank you to the ones who kept my mother in their prayers.  I so greatly appreciated them.  I’m sure my mother did as well.

Take Care & God Bless,



Photo Credit: Pinterest


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