~*~ Cocktail Dress ~*~ (Poetry)

love romantic pareja

An evening of dinner and dancing.

Applied a modest coat of lipstick,

coifed auburn hair making sure it didn’t appear forced.

Zipped up the back of the burgundy cocktail dress,

pleased with myself, I stepped out into the hall.

Awaiting my entry, his dark brown eyes with a flicker of gold captured mine.

With a gentle touch of his hand reaching out and grasping hold

he twirled me around, softly whispered in my ear;

“Oh, dear, you aimed to impress.”

Encompassed by his hold on me, kissing the nape of my neck,

melting by the rapture of his moist lips pressing against mine…

Dinner and dancing were deferred for another time,

we’ll make our own music together as we intertwine.


Photo Credit: Pinterest




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