~*~ A New Door Opens ~*~ (Poetry)

Image result for Images of open doors

Scouring through the rubbish of which the words you lash out,

the hurtful, twisted truths of the love you claimed over me.

Words that tainted my every being, for which you wanted me to suffer so dearly.

Actions had taken their toll.

For years I wandered through the cinema of my mind’s eye,

wondering why such torment was directed towards me.

A motion picture of apologies, begging for forgiveness…

Yet, crossed fingers behind your back, a reflection of this

in the mirror, you stood there.

Promising that the future would be forever ours, that churning up

good times would soon be had once more.

Of this, I wasn’t quite sure.

Goodbyes exchanged as we set forth new passages,

closing the door, a new door opens.

Leaving your narcissistic ways have been the best thing for me.



Photo Credit: Access Pharma Group




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