😊Gratitude, Guidance, and What This Past Year/Weekend Have Taught Me

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Hello, my Dear Friends…

Hope this post finds you in good spirits after the weekend.  How was your weekend anyway?  Anything, in particular, stand out to you that you were grateful for?

The reason why I begin today with a question of what are you grateful for is simple.  Back in January of 2018, I had started a “Gratitude Jar” to keep track of the moments in which I was grateful.  To my surprise, I had quite a lot to be grateful for over the course of 2018.

Although 2018 brought trying times, there were very precious moments spent with my mother and friends alike.  There were opportunities that came my way to earn extra money, I had also thrown in receipts from going out to dinner with a friend as well as fortune cookie slips.  I also wrote of little memories I wanted to remember.  All of the individual pieces of paper that I carefully unwrapped was a little gift in itself.  

So, since this little project that I made myself for last year was a special success to me personally, I decided to continue with it for 2019.  

Although I may have written of the difficult times I faced in my blog over the course of most of last year, there was still so much to be grateful for.  I can’t wait to see what I read by the end of 2019!

On another note, my weekend was a pleasurable one.  Saturday evening, my roommate and I had our friend, JT come over for some pizza and to play Yahtzee.  This is while we were also watching crime stories.  It was an odd mix, but it was fun just the same.  Earlier in the day, I had some light cleaning to do and clean Peanut’s cage out.  (Parrot).  He was thrilled because he was able to have pizza later that evening as well.  

Sunday, was off to food shopping.  I’m trying to drop some weight, “Oh, hell…Who am I kidding, I NEED to drop weight!” in order to make it easier to move forward with knee replacement surgery by next year.  That is a major goal I truly want to accomplish.

I spent the rest of the day reading a bit here on WordPress, then talking to my Mom.  We spoke of the on-going problem with what my brother is going through.  

In September of 2018, you may remember me writing about my younger brother facing homelessness and how his stubbornness was playing a role with fighting everyone’s advice.  Hell, even when I went to Florida to visit my Mother, this was an on-going issue of him lashing out to my mother and claiming her to be the reason for which he is the way he is in the first place.  He was also pissed off at the rest of the family as well, claiming no one ever helped him before, which was completely untrue.  Well…  Yesterday was “D Day.”  His official last night of living with his roommate rent-free after close to a year.

When speaking to my mother last night, I told her I would contact him.  We both realize that my brother has mental health issues, but he would never admit this.  I took into consideration that he might hang up on me if I called, but I went about my approach in speaking to him in a very calm tone.  

As most of you know, I was homeless too.  I was from August 2015 to April 2017.  If anyone was going to give him advice, it should come from me.  My sister certainly wasn’t helping in this matter.  All she kept doing is voicing her opinion LOUDLY, and causing more heartache and fear in him.

I won’t drag this topic out, but I will say this.  I am very proud of my brother today.  He followed my instructions of going to Social Services and asking for help, for now, he is officially homeless.  I am also proud of him for looking into the New Jersey Workforce Program.  I literally just hung up with speaking to my mother. He was placed in a shelter.  The same shelter I resided in for 2 & 1/2 months.  At least he will have a roof over his head, a bed to sleep in, kitchen to prepare his meals, and the Workforce Program is 2 blocks away.  Heck, so is the Social Services office is only 2 blocks away as well.

I promised my brother that as long he doesn’t start shouting or disrespecting me while trying to assist him, I will be there for him 24/7 if he should have any questions or needs advice.  Our conversation was an emotional one, but at least he got over one hurdle.  I didn’t sugarcoat what he would face but told him it’s all about the baby steps, and listening to the guidance of others that are trying to help him.  He even listened carefully as I explained that he might want to check out the mental health facility in which I attend. 

My family is as dysfunctional as they come, just as many are.  However, I can’t see myself literally not caring that my brother is scared.  I just want him to know that his mother and I are in his corner, and do love him.

With that being said…  My first slip of paper to fill out and place in my “Gratitude Jar” will be filled with prayers and thanks to God listening to my prayers for helping and guiding my brother.  To renew a relationship with him, and for all the hope that he gets the help, he needs along the way.

Okay, that is all I have for this past weekend and today for that matter.  LOL!  I hope each and every one of you has a pleasant Monday.

Take Care & God Bless,





  1. Yes a gratitude jar is a brilliant idea. I normally start my day that I’ll be happy enough if three good things happen during the day and when the day ends I thank god for three things, no matter how big or small they are, as part of my being grateful.

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