Slowly… I’m Coming Back. “Hello, 2019”

Hello, my dear friends and plenty of new followers.ย  Happy New Year to each and every one of you!ย ย 

As most of you probably noticed, I’ve haven’t blogged on a regular basis since September 19, 2018… Nor, have I read any blogs since then for which I apologize for.ย  In short, it was because of my mental and physical issues that prevailed for the latter of this past year.ย 

Most of you know that this past year was pretty rough because of my Medicaid being exterminated back in February 2018.ย  I wasn’t able to afford to keep laying out of pocket for medical expenses, which lead me down the rabbit hole into a deep depression.ย  Not to mention all the physical ailments of pain in my knees and back.ย 

As of today, 01/02/2019 I spent most of the afternoon scheduling appointments with every doctor I know I need to see.ย  Why?ย  I finally got my Medicare.ย ย 

Since September, my mental health facility changed my psychiatrist twice, which meant tweaking my meds for my bipolar.ย  Oye!ย  That was an ordeal, but then again they were trying to work with me because I was misinformed that my Lamictal (LamoTrigine) would cost me $70 out of pocket, even with the discount cards that I became all too familiar with.ย  During this time I tried Latuda & Vraylar which put me in a near coma state of mind.ย ย 

Eureka!ย  I’ve been back on my Lamictal for three weeks now.ย  After it was discovered that I was misinformed, I was placed back on it again.ย  Not that any miracle took place such as my depressive state, but within time,ย  I should be back to the old me once again.ย  At least that is what I’ve been praying for.

I know it must sound silly to some out there, but this period of time that has past truly ruled its ugly head over me.ย  It took the joy out of so many things that I did do over that time period.ย  I did make it down to Florida to visit with my mother after not seeing her for over a year and a half.ย  It was wonderful to visit with her, but the depression and pain I was enduring just stole that from me no matter how hard I tried to keep it at bay.ย  Heck, it took away the wanting to write and read away from me.ย  I can’t even begin to tell all of you how much I have missed you!ย ย 

The simple truth of the matter was that I was a slug since September.ย ย 

Hopefully, now that it’s 2019 and my appointments with my orthopedic and back specialist are made, plus my therapist and psychiatrist are scheduled throughout the months of January and February…ย  Things might actually get better now.ย ย 

I’m truly hoping that by blogging again it lifts my mood.ย  I have decided to start off slowly at first until I get my groove back.ย  Only time and the correct medication will tell.ย ย 

Beginning tomorrow, I will be reading and playing catch up with many of you. Again, I can’t apologize enough for not reading and blogging.ย  Hell, I haven’t pulled up WordPress since September.ย  “Dang, I had no idea I even gained new followers since that time.”ย  God Bless you all!

Now that I have my Medicare and insurance in place, that time is freed up.ย  I’ve got to tell you, that process was the hardest thing to go through when you’re not right in the head.ย  Phone calls, comparing, researching, etc…ย  It took up all of my time, other than becoming a slug of depression.

2019, is filled with new beginnings…ย  I’m looking forward to all of them!

Thank you for reading.

Take Care & God Bless,

Beckie ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป ๐Ÿ’—




41 thoughts on “Slowly… I’m Coming Back. “Hello, 2019”

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  1. Welcome back Beckie ๐Ÿ™‚ Good to see that things are looking up! I am sure I speak for many when I say you don’t have to appologize… We all have “real life” to handle, outside the Bloggosphere, and when it gets in the way, you just have to deal with it first! I hope things keep getting better, and that blogging again will be of some help in your recovery! *big hugs*

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  2. What an awful thing to have to go through. I’m glad that Medicare finally came through. I was just thinking about you yesterday, hoping you’d make it back to WordPress soon. It’s lovely to hear from you again!

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        1. Hello, Dear. Ah, yes… Mental illness and all its magical pills. I find it comical that there are so many out there and that to each their own for what works for them.
          Since my diagnostics of mental illness, I have had my fair share of being on so many types of meds, I’m surprised I can remember them all. I have several types of meds that I need to return to te pharmacy because they just plain did not work for me.
          So, Child of God… Do you have a name? LOL!

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          1. Lol used I am Pat. Please to have a connection with you. I understand your pain, etc. Hang on I found my cocktail after many years. I just told my last doctor what I needed and. He complied for the most part. Good luck God bless you. There is where I found some peace during all my problems.

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            1. I had to laugh this morning when I found out that my physchiatrist had changed a third time. I get to meet this new one at next weeks appointment. I have to explain all the issues all over again. It is what it is.
              I must admit, during this black cloud I’ve been under since Sept., I haven’t read my daily bible. I have you to thank. I picked it up last night and began reading it again. So, thank you from my heart.

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    1. Thank you, so very much. It felt great making appointments for all my doctors yesterday. Hopefully things will definitely improve over 2019.
      It feels great to be back. I’ve been reading all day so far. I sincerely feel so happy today to be able to have the drive in order to catch up with everyone that I missed so dearly.

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  3. It’s so nice to hear back from your Beckie. So sorry to know that they messed up your med.Now that you are on track with your Medicare and your appointment and feeling much better, we hope to hear more from you.
    Here’s wishing you a happy and healthy 2019!!
    Love and hugs!!

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