Remember in September Post #7. Prevent Suicide Yesterday. Today May Be Too Late.

REBLOG: Remember to light your candles at 8 pm on Septemeber 10th. Support for Suicide Awareness Month. Thank you, Sue. From “My Loud Bipolar Whispers” God Bless you!

My Loud Whispers of Hope

I found this wonderful video on the blog Better Bipolar. It is a wonderful bipolar and mental health blog. Please stop by and visit it sometime.

Please watch this video.

It is very important and contains valuable and possibly life saving information.

Suicide: Here’s What Nobody is Talking About

I hope  you enjoyed the video and found it as fascinating as I did. This is not knew information to me or many others. I believe so many of us have heard this before, but did not want to believe it or felt like it didn’t pertain to us.

It isn’t until you experience it many times throughout the years that you realize undoubtedly it is very true and accurate information. We all need to pay attention to this and evaluate the cocktail of medications we are taking and if our behaviors and feelings and pain are related to the…

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