CBT for insomnia

REBLOG! Ashley of Mental Health @ Home has shared this informative post for the insomniac in you. I know I need to obey most of these rules for sure!

Mental Health @ Home

woman sleeping in bed

Sleep – so important to have, yet sometimes so hard to get.  Whether it’s depression where you’re exhausted but can’t sleep or mania where you have too much energy to feel the need for sleep, insomnia is something that spans across diagnoses.  For many of us, medications are an important part of getting a decent night of sleep, but there are a variety of other measures that can be tried, including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) specifically targeting insomnia.  CBT for insomnia focuses more on the behavioural aspect than the cognitive, and there are books and manuals developed specifically for this area of focus.  Here is an overview of some of the main elements of CBT for insomnia:

  • Sleep hygiene: most of us are familiar with recommendations like avoid caffeine/alcohol/screen time before bed, don’t nap during the day, and get regular exercise
  • Do a sleep log: while we may…

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