~*~ Happy Labor Day!!! ~*~

how to have a healthy labor day / stay healthy during summer BBQs. Tips, and a great recipe for peach salad!   Happy Labor Day to my American Friends!  

Wow!  It’s the unofficial last weekend of Summer already.  It felt like the blink of an eye, and it’s over with.  

Personally speaking, this Summer wasn’t all that great when I look back on it, but it certainly gave me time to work on a lot of personal issues that needed my utmost attention.   And, the rewards were well worth all the efforts that I had to put into it.Happy Labor Day!

Today, I have plans of joining my roommate, JK, and close friend, JT to a BBQ held at my roommates, sister house.  Lord knows we certainly got enough food to celebrate the day in style.  It’s supposed to be a real hot day out, so part of me is hoping we bring some of the food indoors with the A/C on.  LOL!  😎

So, Monday is Labor Day and many of us are busy planning our end of summer bash. Whether you’re doing an in-house affair or a backyard bbq, it’s time to get back to the basics and remember that the Labor Day Holiday is all about YOU!    Labor Day is the only day of the year that honors all of the hardworking people in our country. It’s NOT about getting a day off to spend rushing and slaving to feed everyone that’s coming over!  So, did you do anything special for Labor Day weekend, or have plans for this fine day?

I spent most of the weekend just cleaning, relaxing, reading and writing.  Believe it or not, but it was a perfect weekend.  Drama free, anxiety free.  Heck, who could ask for more?  LOL!  Now, I must get my act together and get ready for the Labor Day BBQ!  Yummy!  

I Hope You Are Enjoying Your 3 day Weekend labor day happy labor day labor day…



Have a wonderful day no matter what you have planned!

Take Care & God Bless You!

Beckie 😎

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. I puttered around the house – two full days off from work. Have a beautiful remainder of your Labour Day my friend 🙂

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