September is Suicide Prevention Month

Around August of 2015, two months after Charles' suicide, I got the idea that I needed to develop a program for middle and high school students. Of course, it didn't come to me then. I was too overwhelmed with grief and my thoughts were too scrambled and unorganized. By February 2016, I was frustrated that I couldn't make it come together. I had more ideas but they didn't fit together right. #suicideawareness #schoolprogram #mentalillness #teens

It's been a rough week around here....multiple losses of good people who left this earth too soon because society doesn't listen and take clues. Preach to reach, don't preach at people. RIP


Hello, My Dear Friends…

The topic of Suicide is one that is misunderstood by many.  The main question that arises is, “Why?”   Sometimes in life, events take place that can break us to our very core.  

Some people choose not to understand what it is truly like to feel suicidal, and that to me is just plain pulling the wool over your eyes and being ignorant.  We need to raise more awareness and support to those who are struggling and help those who feel trapped in their own minds.

There is help out there for anyone who feels as if they are simply existing and not living. No one should ever feel alone.  You should never suffer in pain and silence.  All it takes is reaching out and asking for help.  I should know.  I’m a suicide survivor.  

SUICIDE WARNING SIGNS -via #suicideprevention:


There are so many other bloggers out there, as well as myself that have felt all of these feelings.  Suicide rates have increased by 25% in the last two decades according to the CDC.  In the last decade, young people ages 10-17 have increased by 70%.

Throughout the month of September 2018, I will be posting weekly in regards to this epidemic.  There are so many people here on WordPress alone to help discuss this very topic.  Let’s TALK!

September is National Suicide Prevention Month: 17 Warning Signs ...

Share your stories, and help bring Hope to those in need of wanting to Live!


Take Care & God Bless,





  1. This is such an important topic to speak about, because I think a lot of people who haven’t had their own mental health problems are scared by it, and with that fear goes ignorance and judgment. The only way to address that is by us talking!

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