~*~ 😘 August 22, 2018: Quote of The Day *& My Thoughts 😘 ~*~

A group of people eating and drinking on top of a hill watching the sunset

“I like my friend for what is in her heart, not for the way she does things.”

~ Sandra K. Lamberson ~


“We each find it in our hearts and souls a special place for our friends.Β  We don’t have to do the same exact things or even like the same exact things.Β  That’s what makes friendships unique.Β  It’s a certain kind of wonderful mix of respect, value, understanding, patience, and kindness that rules over the trivial details of not being exactly alike.”

~ Beckie Cutler ~


[Source: Each Day a New Beginning ~*~ Karen Casey ~ Picture courtesy of Unsplash ~*~ Arthur Poulin]


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