Just Checking In…

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Hello Friends,  

I hope this post finds you all well rested after this weekend.

As much as I hate doing this, I am still going to be taking a few additional days off until I’m in a better frame of mind.  My depression has worsened and to top it off, I developed a lousy Summer cold.  My personal stress in life at the current moment has truly gotten to me.

I have enjoyed reading as much as I have and I know there are so many more blogs to read.  I’m trying too at least.

Hopefully, I’ll be back by Wednesday.  Thank you again, for all of your kind words and support.  

Take Care & God Bless,


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  1. Take your time, and rest well, Beckie. If both your body and mind are in need of a little more care than usual, leave all worries behind, and do just that! It will be a pleasure to read you again when the clouds have parted 🙂 *hugs* xx

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  2. Hi Beckie > > > You continue to take care of ‘You’ and feel better. Where I live it’s 90+ degrees and will be most of the week. As much as I love nice weather, I rather dislike the humidity and aging leaves me in a different mindset. Oh, to TBT and re-experience the wonderful memories (not the crappie ones LOL). There certainly is a ton of info to read in this international blog paper. 🙂 C-ya back on here soon.

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  3. Some music for you Beckie, from Xavier Rudd, close your eyes, lay back and soak up the beautiful sounds, especially the birds singing away in the background, and enjoy as he gradually up tempo’s in the second phase of this glorious song. xx

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  4. My dear sweet friend, I am so glad you are taking some well deserved time to take care of yourself because YOU are the most important person! I hope that through some rest and some self discovery you start feeling much better! Take care of yourself and never forget that I am ALWAYS here for you no matter what!

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            1. I realize I’ll bounce back eventually, but for now, I just feel like I’ve had all the wind knocked right out of me.
              I saw that quack and basically told her off on Tuesday. Did I feel good about it afterward? No. I only picked up 2 of my medications and it still cost me $70 even after using the discount card. I nearly broke down into tears right there at the pharmacy.
              If something goes wrong with the car… I have no way of paying for repairs. I’m down to eating one frozen meal a day because this is all I can afford.
              I apologize for whining like a little kid, I’m just so overwhelmed.
              I truly appreciate your kind words or encouragement, I really do. Many hugs to you, Sweetie!

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              1. Oh sweetie I understand how you are feeling. To be completely honest with you, I am in the same sticky situation and feel like I am drowning! It seems as though we are both frustrated well beyond our limits. So I guess the only thing to do is take a deep breath, do something that is calming and keep pushing forward.
                There is never a need to apologize. You are not whining, you are just venting which we all need to do at times. It is okay to vent because I find it helps get things into perspective and that is what I am here for!
                Big hugs sweetie and things will work out at some point. Just keep telling yourself that it is going to be okay and it will come true!

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                1. Yesterday, at the very last possible second, I decided to meet with my friends for our own personal a
                  anxiety group in the park. I’m glad I did. Nothing was resolved for any of us, but we were there for one another in support.
                  More or less, we spent a great deal of time sweating, laughing at the squirrels we were feeding, and many hugs.
                  It truly sucks how this country treats its own people when it comes to trying to survive.
                  Meanwhile, the dishonest people have the system wrapped around their little fingers.
                  I’ll probably start writing again over the weekend sometime. It’s trying to get the motivation and be positive that I’m struggling with.
                  Thank you, so very much for understanding. I am so terribly sorry that you are going through all your struggles a well. I admire you and your strength to always post such upbeat, and positive things even as you are facing so many issues of your own.
                  God Bless you, my friend. Hugs!

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                  1. I am glad you spent time with your support group. Even if it feels nothing was resolved, it is beneficial to talk to others that understand. I also bet it was a lot of fun feeding and laughing at the squirrels. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine.
                    Take your time getting back into blogging. Your blog is for you and should never feel like a requirement. Focus on yourself and that is all you can do right now.
                    You already know that I am not going anywhere, so I am here for you!

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                    1. I can’t express this enough to you, but your compassion and understanding have really meant the world to me… Although we have never met before, I truly consider you such a dear friend. God Bless you! 💗 Thank you, so very much for you being you! Lots of Love!
                      I’m now going to lay down and take a much-needed nap. I only slept, maybe, 2 hours last night.
                      I’m learning more and more about this so-called insurance thing I signed up for, and have a feeling I’ll be canceling it by next week. It appears that they are part of the liars club. I’m waiting on a confirmation soon.
                      At least I can say this life of mine is far from boring. LOL!
                      Again, Alyssa… You are truly a wonderful person inside and out. Lots of Love! 💗


  5. Commendations! for being courageous to take the time you need to take care of yourself even though you know the community of friends enjoy and benefits from your support and acts of kindness.
    As you see from the comments, they appreciate you.
    I happened upon this article from DM’s article, “A few words about Positive thinking.” My writing emphasis is self-empowerment and Postive Thinking.
    I’ve just started blogging. My more in-depth writing is my in my e-books. I would like to recommend that you read my e-book, “You Can Be The Better You” while rejuvenating. I overcame a 5 1/2 years challenge that seemed near impossible to overcome. I used Positive Thinking and several other tools to overcome the seeming helplessness and severe situation. I talk about what I went through and the tools I used to overcome. I began writing the ebooks and now blogging so others can see Light in their darkness and be able to move forward in Light and Positivity, self-awareness and self-empowerment.
    You can obtain a copy of my e-book “You Can Be The Better You” There are other Positive things on my website, but I recommend this e-book most of all now because what I shared in there is what helped me to have a total turnaround, not just a 180 degree change.
    Be rejuvenated!

    Peace and Light
    Pam Love

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