~*~ Taking Weekend Off ~*~

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Hello, and Happy Weekend to you All!

I feel like a broken record, but I need to take this weekend off.Β  The month of July continued into the first week of August (Stress and Anxiety wise).Β  I’m not ashamed to admit that I broke down into tears many times this week over it.

This past two weeks, I was determined to obtain my health insurance, and I did.Β  However, working on my financial budget and dealing with agencies, the dim-wits at Xfinity-Comcast (for my mother’s internet service), etc… The list is so lengthy, I’ll spare you the details.

Thank goodness I had my dear friend with me yesterday, because of my brain turning into oatmeal, I forgot how to get to the DMV (Drivers Motor Vehicle) office to renew my vehicle registration.Β  The office was only a town away.Β  Β 

I still have so many errands to run today and my nerves are so shot that I’m nervous about even driving today.Β  But, they must get done.

Sunday, I’m supposed to go with my friends to a concert in the park along with the food truck festival.Β  I’m debating if I’m even going to that as of now.Β  I would so love to go, but my budget is something I have no choice but to stick too.

I even find myself rambling again, and it’s because I’m just that plain tired and my anxiety is pumped up.

I am practicing self-care by attempting to just find some me time after my errands are completed today, and perhaps take a nap straight through to tomorrow.Β  LOL!

I may not be posting anything this weekend, but I will pop in from time to time to read.

Have a wonderful weekend folks!





  1. The most important person you need to take good care of is ‘YOU’. Your true friends will understand the chaos you’ve been experiencing. Best of Luck over the weekend obtaining some rest. Life can be difficult especially when you’re going it alone. God Bless!

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  2. I completely understand Sweetie, sometimes we all need a break! Life gets so darn difficult and stressful to where it seems like there is no end, but there is and you will get through it! I really hope the weekend break helps you and you are able to rest up! I truly do hope you are able to go out with your friends because it might actually be beneficial. I also understand a budget as I have had to crack down on mine with my husband still being out of work and I am struggling to work part-time hours! Life has a way of working out in it’s own time! Take care of yourself sweetie and know I am always here to be your personal cheerleader!!


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