~🌼~ Working on Me ~🌼~ (Part 2) I promise this is a shorter entry. 🤗 (Self-Help)

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Hello, All!

I hope you are all well where ever you may be on this planet of ours.

I first want to apologize for my earlier entry this morning on “Working on Me”  If you didn’t read it, count your blessings.  I sort of went off the rails and went on a massive rant pertaining to Health Insurance, Social Services, Social Security, The dim-wits that I have had to deal with, etc…

I can finally say that after being on the phone, and online for close to 48 hours minus the 5 hours of sleep I had last night… I AM NOW INSURED!!!  It only took 96 phone calls, much aggravation, frustration, tears, swearing, and nearly losing my patience with all living beings (Minus you guys), but I finally found somewhat affordable insurance, after not having it for over 5 months.

Yes, my rant earlier today was off the charts, but I seriously needed to vent, and then collect myself, and start over again.  I never gave up on hope and remained diligent in this ongoing search.

I thank you, my readers, for having my back and being so supportive through this turbulent time in my life.  Oh, sure, my finances will be tighter but I will just have to deal with it.  I’m just so grateful to you guys for listening to me moan and groan over this.  You guys are the best!

I hope all of you have a pleasant evening and/or beginning of the day depending on where you are.

Take Care & God Bless,


12 thoughts on “~🌼~ Working on Me ~🌼~ (Part 2) I promise this is a shorter entry. 🤗 (Self-Help)

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  1. Oh goodness my sweet friend you never need to apologize, we all need to vent sometimes! It is perfectly okay to vent away and everyone understands! I am so happy for you that now you have insurance. I know how frustrating that process must have been because it seems there was a stupid bomb dropped and it has spread like wild fire! I get so frustrated with how incredibly incompetent people are everywhere!!!! I hope your evening is peaceful and you have a great day tomorrow. Thank goodness this LONG week is almost over!!!

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    1. Hello, my Dear Friend… Good Morning. Thank you, so very much. It’s funny, I couldn’t fall asleep last night to save myself. I think I slept maybe 3 hrs. Although, I was able to get the insurance at a lower rate, financially speaking… It will be tight. However, I am so relieved to finally have health insurance after all this time.
      LOL! I just got up, and feel I need to take a nap already. 🙂
      Hope you haven’t pushed yourself too hard this week. I’m sure you are looking forward to the weekend to rest. Hugs, to you, my friend. 🙂

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      1. You are more than welcome! I am glad you were able to get insurance at a cheaper rate! Insurance can be so expensive!!

        I did not push myself at work today because I had a doctor’s appointment! I am really looking forward to the weekend!!!!

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          1. Thank you! I am a little delayed in responses because our internet was out last night! It was a just a little frustrating! My appointment went fine. It was just the 2 month appointment with the pain management doctor. There is really nothing to it!!
            I am glad you are looking forward to the weekend! It has been a long week!!!!

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            1. Does that pain management doctor at least help you at all?
              It was a very long week. Heck, last night I threw in the towel and didn’t write at all. I was just too exhausted to do so. I’m supposed to go to a concert in the park tomorrow night, but I don’t think I’m going to.

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              1. To be completely honest, yes, the pain management doctor does help. All he really does is prescribe the pain medication, but then I am required to dance around all his “rules” which is kind of frustrating!! I have noticed though that without what he prescribes I feel awful and it is much more difficult function especially at work!

                Sometimes we do need to just rest because writing can be exhausting and relieving at the same time. However when we already feel so exhausted it is best to just take a break. I feel terrible today for some reason, so I probably will not do a post. I hope you have a great and relaxing day!!

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                  1. You are far too kind! If only we could fix everyone’s problems the world would be perfect! I find pain is just part of my life and I do my best to get through it the best I can! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and get as much rest as you can!!

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