~*~ Afternoon Already? ~*~

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Hello, and Happy Sunday to you All!

Wholly crap!  Since I got up this morning (9:30 am-ish), I have been reading and posting… Plus a half-hour chat with my mother.  It’s currently (as I am writing this (1:20pm-ish!)

My one main goal today was to clean, and I haven’t even started.  The last real cleaning I did was before I went through withdrawals, and now my dust bunnies have even multiplied!  

Time to take a break from the Blogosphere for a little while…  My goodness, it feels so good to be back with you guys!  See you all a little later!  🙂

Take Care & God Bless,




  1. I know how it happens Beckie, I’ve been blogging too much today too, it’s all so very tedious on my phone. 😆If you’ve got some cleaning energy left, my place needs a good dusting too xx

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  2. I know how you feel sweetie! There are times I am way too tired and feel horrible so I can’t do much with blogging, but it is okay! I honestly I have not cleaned my house properly in a while. There are dust bunnies reproducing together and cat hair reproducing with the dust bunnies:)!! Just continue doing things at your pace and do not push yourself too far. Your health is more important than cleaning and blogging!! Even with all that said, I am here for you always! Please never forget how much you have achieved and be proud!!!

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