~*~ This Weekend So Far…Full Moon & Dreams? ~*~

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Hello, and Happy Saturday Evening from where I am.  Happy Sunday to those around the world.  Hope that all of you are having a pleasant weekend thus far.

So far my weekend has been okay.  Friday, was a little rough when I had gone out to run errands because my back and knees are still weak from being in bed for practically two weeks solid.  Then again, I have always had bad knees and the back issue is handed down to me by my loving mother.  

With high hopes, all that will finally be resolved next month!  When I finally obtain my health insurance back.

Last night, however, we experienced pretty good thunderstorms for the early part of the evening.  It was around 11:30-ish, I looked out the window to see the full moon above.  It was so incredible and shining so brightly, I was in awe over its beauty.

Shortly thereafter, I had gone to bed.  When I dream, they are usually ones that are vivid enough I can remember bits and pieces from them, but last evening was a whole other ball game.  They were dreams of me drinking alcohol again.  Not just one dream but three back to back dreams so vivid, I remember the conversations, people, and places I was at.

I initially woke up around 8:30-ish this morning and actually felt as if I truly had a hangover.  My head was pounding, and I felt my anxiety start up.  I naturally took my meds, followed by some Ibuprofen.  I sat for a little while and was reading blogs, yet I still felt a little off.  So, with that, I decided to lay back down again for a while.

Some four hours later, I woke up again after having the same themed dreams.  It was very disturbing to me.  Then I gave it some thought.  I naturally Googled… Does a full moon contribute to vivid dreams?  And, low and behold, there is a theory that a full moons magnetic field can affect your dreams.  ‘Hmm…’ I thought to myself.  

I actually had my own theory as well.  Next month marks my third year anniversary of sobriety.  Could this be on my mind subconsciously reminding me of this milestone?  Lord knows I NEVER want to drink again, but maybe because this is the farthest I have ever made it without a drink, it’s really hitting me.

Personally, I am very proud of myself.  I could have easily gone off the deep end with all the stress I’ve been under, but I haven’t faltered.  I also have no plans whatsoever to do that to myself ever again.

2 part question for you…  Do you notice your dreams being affected during a full moon?  And, for those of us who are in recovery from drugs and/or alcohol ever have dreams of doing their drug of choice after being sober?

I truly hope I don’t have these dreams this evening, being that it’s supposed to be yet another full moon.

In the meantime, I hope you all have a pleasant Saturday evening and/or Sunday morning.

Take Care & God Bless,




  1. Oh sweetie I have been so proud of how well you handled all you have been through over these past two weeks and now you can finally see the light! I know there was a lot of darkness for a couple weeks but you made it on your own terms!
    The funny thing is I do not typically have vivid dreams when there is a full moon. In fact last night I had the hardest time falling asleep! I think I was having a hard time sleeping because I was in SO much pain and it would not ease up at all! I wonder if a full moon can contribute to pain.

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  2. I have a friend who fervently believes in an intensification of feeling and effects with a full moon, and i personally did have a very vivid dream two nights ago which I can’t remember much of but which lingered with me. I don’t have any drug or alcohol past to answer the second part of the question and don’t dream about what my own bugbears have been, namely tinnitus and balance problems – dreams are an escape from these and I handle them far better now than in my youth, but i’m wondering if it’s more the subconscious playing a part with you? In any event, you’re doing great, Beckie! and i’m glad you’re feeling on the mend from the recent withdrawal. Cheers, Lynne

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    • Thank you, so very much for your kind support… I truly appreciate it.
      It happened again last night. Such vivid dreams that shook me awake, and I still remember the events so clearly. I don’t mind having vivid good dreams, but the ones that are disturbing that linger all day really annoy me.
      I love the way you describe your illness in your dreams as bugbears. It’s terrible to have to deal with the illness itself, but when it interferes with your dreams, it just plain sucks.
      Hugs! Beckie

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  3. The full moon could have been releasing some past energy from your system Beckie. I know I had drinking dreams for quite a while in my sobriety. I am sure you will feel clearer. I dreamt of a snake during the full moon that was trying to kill my dog. The dream seemed so real that when I woke I wasn’t sure if it was true. Sending love to you. ❤

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      • I went through a long phase of being really muddled as to what was real and what I’d dreamt – it was astonishing. I would ask myself upon waking ‘is that woman in the cave in the river cliff real or not?’ I was going through my mid-life crisis at the time, but even now part of me thinks she is real – what the mind can do is unbelievable. But now, I just accept these weird happenings!

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