🎼Fri-YAY Frolic Time!🎼Bloggers Music Video Request to Kick Off The Weekend!

happy dr pol GIF by Nat Geo Wild

Welcome to Fri-Yay Frolic Time!  A place where you the blogger request a music video you want to kick off the weekend too!  I so appreciate my friends for waiting for the last couple of weeks for their request to be played.  

Let’s get it started!

Michele Elkins-Hoffman “The Hippy Chic” requested anything by “Creedence Clearwater”

los angeles lol GIF by MUTANT MAGIC

KKatch22 requested  “The Cure” – “Friday I’m in Love”

Bryan Unger love heart infinite geometric GIF

Ivor20 requested “Neil Young” – “Promise of The Real Children of Destiny” (Orchestra)

hands up dancing GIF by University of Florida

Carol Anne of “Therapy Bits” requested “Anne Marie” – “2002”

ride GIF

My personal selection is “Shakira” – “My Hips Don’t Lie”

bad dancing GIF

Every Fri-Yay, you the blogger put in your request in the comment section of this post, what music video you want to listen to in order to start off the weekend on the right track.

You have until 08/02/18 Thursday to put in your request for the “Fri-Yay Frolic Time!”

Have a great weekend friends!




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