P4J Winner

REBLOG: I just wanted to share this with you all. Thank you, so very much to Candace of “Revenge of Eve”, Barb of “Bipolar Barb”, Ashley of “Mental Health @ Home”, and Candace’s daughter for selecting my photo for the P4J contest. I am truly humbled and excited to have won. You guys are awesome!!!! Thank you!!!!! 🙂

The long-awaited day has come!

I am excited to announce the winner but before I do I would like to thank my judges. Each week they received photos from me. We communicated back and forth, successfully, using Google Drive. Such a nifty app it is. They were great sports and I hope they enjoy the small token of appreciation that I am mailing off tomorrow. Ashley and Barb, You two rock!! (My daughter too :)) The support I received from them promoting the contest by reblogging posts was phenomenal. They proudly display judges badges on behalf of P4J on their personal sites. If it weren’t for them this contest would not have been successful. A huge round of applause for Ashley and Barb! Feel free to thank them yourselves in the comments or show them some love by checking out their sites!

Now …..

Drumroll, please…..

Beckie of Beckie’s…

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