REBLOG: I was so touched by this piece that Megha wrote, it only felt natural to share it with you. “Megha’s World” Bravo!

Megha's World

First published in Modern Literature, July 2018

luca-santos-3544-unsplashThose shriveled
wrinkled fingers
passing on that family album
with a fleeting touch
has passed on
the generations
under our feet

Those quivering
shaking voices
singing the lullaby at night
and the sparkling stories
jumped hoops from generations,
is scattering the wisdom
worth eons
in mere minutes

Those bony taloned hands
singing and crocheting
the praises of the holy ancestors
is bringing back live
the drawing etched
in the old forgotten caves

Those bay leaf
cinnamon-laced fingers
doused and soaked
turning the
wrapped yellow
broken paper
of centuries-old recipes
is keeping the taste alive in the
dying taste buds

That wisdom in the scriptures
spanning the gates of
Our heritage,
Our roots,
Our road to salvation.


Photo by Luca Santos on Unsplash

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