✨The Big Picture ✨ (Rules To Live By)

Hello, All!  Hope you are all doing well this fine evening/day, depending on where you are in this massive world we live in.

Last evening, I began a new series “The Big Picture” – based on a book that I recently purchased called “Dance Now.  Think Later.” written by Authors Kathryn & Ross Petras.  In the very beginning of the book, there was a question…

How should one live life?  Could you answer that question in one or two sentences?

I was pleased to see the responses I received from that very complex question.  Here are what some of you said:

(Ease The Ride) said;  I like the quote by P.T. Barnum: “Comfort is the enemy of progress.”  I think this is a fabulous example of how life should be lived, with risk comes reward.  Maybe I should take his advice!

(Lee Dunn) said; “You better find somebody to love.”

(Positively Alyssa) said; I personally think everyone should live their lives with what brings them the most joy.  No one should ever be judged on how they choose to live.  I think people are often judged based on their color, race, sexual orientation, and religious beliefs.  I think that is SO wrong!  People need to do what makes them happy, as long as it is not causing harm to anyone else.  Note…  Alyssa even admitted she went a bit deep into this answer, but I love her for it!

(Chelsea Owens) Said; Pursue the most lucrative career you have the ability to do, and can stand to do every day.  Make sure it also demands a reasonable time schedule so you can fill the rest of life with exactly what brings you the deepest joy.

(Ivor20) Said; “Having a plan is grand, but don’t plan too far ahead, remember each day is your best plan to come true.”

Thank you, to all of you that participated in answering that question.  I truly enjoyed reading them as well as sharing them with my readers.

In this new series, “The Big Picture” I will be plucking ‘Rules to Live By’ in no particular order.  They are little quotes by philosophers, teachers, writers, etc…  A little something to think about in the grand scheme of things during our daily routines.  I hope you enjoy the new series.

Rule #9

“Do stuff you will enjoy thinking about and telling stories about for many years to come.  Do stuff you will want to brag about.”

~ Rachel Maddow ~ Political Commentator

Image result for picture of rachel maddow

Thank you again for reading!

Take Care & God Bless,


[Picture source: Unsplash.com ~ Brigitta Schneiter & Political Examiner]


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